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The lost shall be found

Happy Friday! I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend that involves apples and caramel or chili or a trip to the pumpkin patch or whatever your fall fun thing is!! =0)

Far too long ago…like maybe a month now….Russ and I put together a baby congrats/gift card for a young couple at church. I was supposed to mail or deliver it.

Well. The card was in the car, in my purse, in another purse, back in the car…as I would alternate between thinking I would find out their address and just dropping it by church.

Yesterday it hit me that I had never followed through with either one. I was determined to get it to them as I ran errands after lunch.

But I could not find the card anywhere.

I have two purses going right now – not in either one. I looked in the various bags I have with books, projects, paperwork that I take at different times to church. Nope.

I was starting to panic as I went back through each of these numerous times plus anywhere that I tuck papers. All to no avail.

I felt sick thinking I had lost it.

As I was getting ready to leave the house, so I just prayed a short prayer.

“Lord, You know where that card is. You know it was not my intent to be careless with it. If I have not lost it outside of this house, please show me where it is.”

I lifted my head, walked directly  to the dining room table. There are several bags from different stores with recent purchases for Christmas, fall decorating and who knows what.

The first one I picked up had a couple of craft items from Hobby Lobby….and the card….


I must have gathered up all papers from the car the day I bought this stuff and threw them in the bag to bring in the house.

I had forgotten. But God hadn’t.

As I marveled at such a direct answer to such a simple prayer for such a kind of minor lost thing, it made me think of some really important lost treasures.

Like people we love who have gotten tucked away somewhere. They are off the radar of our lives right now. There are so many I know whose hearts are breaking as they watch and wait for loved ones to return.

But God knows right where they are. He knows we are looking for them; searching frantically, as it feels sometimes.

He is all about finding lost things.

Lost people.

Lost relationships.

Lost fellowship.

Be assured. He knows where they are and He is at work.

Trust Him with the things and people you think you have lost.

He will bring them home <3


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