Monday check in <3

We had a wonderful weekend full of all kinds of moments to fill the heart.

Saturday was particularly special as we went to St. Louis at the invitation of this sweet girl…who wanted to treat me to a Mother’s Day party. She always thinks about what people would like and she certainly made our visit extra wonderful.

We had a yummy brunch in a cute little place called the Blue Duck in Maplewood. If you are in the area any time this summer, I highly recommend it. The food and beverages are unique combos and the desserts are amazing.

link here….https://www.blueduckstl.com

After we ate, she took us to the new studio for St. Louis String Collective – the nonprofit she and two friends had established to encourage students, teachers, musicians and music lovers of stringed instruments in the St. Louis area.

Some of you all have donated and you would be so impressed with what these talented women have done with their funding. Again…here is the link…https://www.stlstringcollective.com and you would be blessed at the dreams still gathering and plans being made for growth <3

We made a stop by the house to visit Rocco, who was resting comfortably in the cool of the AC….

As you can see, he was deep in thought so we left him to sort through his feelings and musings and headed to the Botanical Gardens which were as amazing as ever.

So many beautiful flowers and plants to see and we took our time reading signs and talking botany.

OVER…2,600 species. And please do take a moment to read all the varieties listed. Isn’t that incredible?!

We were pointing up and down and all around and marveling at the various blooms.

Every once in a while we would come across a tree like this…

which someone said had a lot going on and I said if a tree could depict my brain…there it is.

Also we could add my hair as evidenced in the photo of me and Sarah…sigh…humidity is not my friend.

So that was our day, just strolling and taking in all the beauty and sharing about our own gardens and all wishing our capacity to learn and remember was as big as the greatness of creation because it sure is a lot to take in.

I will leave you with this last little cutie…a cactus starting to bloom..

and if that isn’t some kind of redemptive situation for such a strange looking, gnarly plant, I don’t know what is.

We had a best.day.ever. and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of it.

Hugs and happy Monday.

Whatever you are going through -you are loved and God is going to bring beauty from what seems to be a big mess. He is a God of restoration and He is able <3

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