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Monday Monday…looking back and looking ahead <3


Happy Monday!

Meet our newest family member. Yes, we are the proud owners of an Amish Friendship Bread starter and it has had babies and we have been texting friends and dropping off batches and loaves.

I had forgotten how incredibly irresistible this bread is and also how it’s like gaining a part time job with no benefits nor income. Ha!

BUT it is so fun to try and find someone who wants a batch and I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane when we passed these around back in my younger years.

I try not to think that the ingredients fermenting in ziplock bags on our counter may actually be the descendants of those bags I dealt with thirty years ago.

When I wasn’t baking massive quantities of caloric bread and trying to pawn it off on friends this weekend, we also had a wonderful Saturday with these two.


Wish you could see their sweet faces. They were kind and concerned about exposure due to Sarah’s first official teaching with certification job. Bless her. She is in the classroom with real time students while also videoing for the remote learners.

We had a wonderful day with a hike on one of the local trails and lots of time out on the patio thanks to the Lord providing us with such warm temps and sunshine.


We have upped our entertaining game by adding hand sanitizer to our patio parties..sigh.. still on point with my designer party set ups though.


and this handsome fellow who loved sunning and dozing while we talked and ate.

He had such a good time, when they were leaving this was his attitude about getting in the car.


We thought we were going to be adding a dog to our Amish Bread expansion, but when he saw Sarah start to move her own body in the car, he trotted right over and complied with leaving.

On Sunday, after an incredibly beautiful and powerful worship service at church (really a sermon everyone should hear, link at bottom) we took a bike ride with friends.

Probably the last one of the year…sigh.


It was perfection.

Now it’s time to kick into gear for another week.

I plan to take advantage of the last nice day on the radar and bring all the flower pots in and put the Christmas lights out on the bushes in front.

Who am I even?

I usually wait until the coldest day in November to do that.

I might even start turning them on before Thanksgiving this year just to brighten things up now that the sun sets a couple of minutes after lunch.

I hope you had a great weekend and that you will have a productive and hope-filled Monday!

Link for Overflow service https://www.firstdecatur.org/messages/overflow/

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