Oh there is prayer in our schools, my friend <3


Had lunch with this one yesterday.

And I don’t really care what the government or the school board says about it.

I prayed my head off.

I prayed for his safety as he did ridiculously impossible human feats on the monkey bars.

I prayed for God to please help me interpret accurately what was being conveyed to me verbally when his little classmates would run up and tell me long, involved stories through missing teeth and heavy accents.

I prayed as I looked into eyes that looked deeply back into mine and innocently shared all kinds of information with me, a total stranger.

I prayed for God to give me the right response.

I prayed for Graham as he waited patiently for the big kids to finish their turn… that they would be kind.

And then I prayed, when he went running off and didn’t hear a class mate frantically calling his name over and over…that Graham would hear the voices of those who need for him to be kind.

I prayed for patience for the lunch ladies and playground supervisors.

I prayed for teachers and the principal as she bent low to chat with little ones around tables.

And as I was getting ready to leave and Graham asked me to pick him up for a hug, I prayed I could still lift him up off the ground and onto my hip.

I did…but it wasn’t easy.

I asked him how many more days we have before he is so big his Lola won’t be able to lift him…he said he thought about 435.

I pray he is right <3

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