Once upon a time….

Once upon a time, a very kind husband asked his wife, who likes to write but never seems to have time, if she would like to go to a writer’s conference again.

The wife, who loves very much taking care of her family and doing all the things for them whether she is asked or just thinks it would be helpful, told him that was very sweet, but no.

She didn’t have the time and she didn’t even know where she would go and no.

Just no.

But in her heart she thought, the only way she would even consider going to a conference is if someone like her friend Shelly could go. Because Shelly talks to EVERYONE and makes it a lot easier to enter in to things.

So she thought maybe sometime she would mention this offer to her and see if she had any interest in finding one they could attend together.

But not right now because the wife and her husband were leaving to see their son in Texas the next day. So they packed and got the car loaded with plans to meet their daughter and grandchildren for breakfast on the way to the airport.

While they were driving she opened a text from this very same Shelly and lo and behold it was a link to a writer’s conference called The Pen and the Page https://tricialottwilliford.com/the-pen-and-the-page/ and was being held in a castle in Colorado Springs.

The wife was shocked at the timing and quickly asked her friend if perhaps she had mentioned the husband’s offer in a Marco Polo the day before….but no.

Shelly had no idea. The conference just popped up on her Facebook that day and she thought of sharing it.

So as the couple drove, the wife told her husband of the crazy timing of that.

In the next little bit of miles, texts and a phone call….Shelly explained that her parents live just a few miles down the road from the castle, and being Shelly, she started plotting how they could make it work.

Shelly’s husband signaled a thumbs up on her end of the phone and in a matter of minutes with her heart pounding, the wife called the castle with trembling hands.

The reservations were made, the husband booked the flight and Shelly and the wife laughed through a few weeks of Marco Polos and texts until they tearfully hugged in the baggage claim and began the great adventure.

And as it turned out with all fairy tales with castles, there were many more delights and surprises.

Stay tuned…and I promise…tomorrow will be a regular post about some of the fun we had and what we learned <3

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