Part 2 from yesterday <3

I am a collector.

Of papers and pictures and stories and memories.

All kinds of tangible and intangible mementos … keepsakes and gifted items, photographs and emails.

Snippets of conversations and moments can be replayed in my mind for hours as I recall the details of what was said, how it was said, what it felt like to hear it.

And attached to each is layers of meaning and emotion.

I would love to be able to turn this off sometimes, especially when these things only serve to enhance a heartache, but I can’t.

Instead I write about it and pray over it and ask God to show me more of Himself in the midst of how He made me to process the circumstances of life on planet earth.

And as I ponder and pray, He seems to lead me to yet another smattering of dross that needs removing from this old soul of mine.

Thus it was I discovered an interesting reference to a fellow archiver of moments in a recent devotional reading fromĀ 30 Days in the Land with JesusĀ by Charles H. Dyer.

When visiting the area of Mount Hermon, a likely location for the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-9), I find yet another reason to understand Peter.

The disciple with a penchant for reacting instead of responding, putting his foot in his mouth, swaying quickly from great faith to watching the waves instead of the Savior, swearing undying allegiance hours before he denies he ever knew Him…I get Peter.

Perhaps you are like me and have heard different applications in teaching about Peter’s burst of enthusiasm to build tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah.

But Dyer offers one I had never heard – he says that perhaps it addresses our human nature that has a bent to “build memorials to commemorate historical events.” *pg. 128

He points out that “shrines and monuments dot all of human history and landscape.”


Is it possible that somewhere along the way, my mementos of the past became “shrines and monuments”?

It gives me a check in my spirit and that is always a good place to open up wider and let the Light of God’s Word in.

So I am stopping here for today…and we will finish up this little section tomorrow.

But for now I would ask you, did anything there prick at your soul?

Let’s ask God to expose what needs to be brought to light so that it can be cleansed, removed or redeemed…

His choice.

Always <3

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  1. I said to God one day, you remember our sins no more when we have repented and I asked Him to help me forget the pain in my life too. He is helping me as I don’t dwell on the past sins and or hurts now. I praise Him for His faithfulness.

    1. Amen – truly we grow in faith as we obey those commands. They are for our benefit and lead to a life of health and peace <3

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