Re-entry notes for Thursday <3


Hey all!

I just typed the date and realized we are basically finished with February. 


What happened there?

In my mind, when I start writing March down as the date, winter is over and we are moving on into a new season.

Granted it is still gray, bleak and freaky cold but hey…today all things pine, berry and snowflake are migrating south to the basement and I will be bringing up anything that resembles life and blooming to replace it. 


I also probably should consider putting away the stuff from our suitcases, and possibly dealing with several piles that I left in various places as I cleaned out extraneous items for purses and totes so I could assemble my travel gear. 

It’s a sickness, really. 

I pack little bags for work and then repack them to go to watch the kiddos and then repack them to go on a trip. 

For some reason, I find it necessary to carry a miniature version of home with me wherever I go. 

And when I make the change from one to another, I leave piles. 

Or I jam them in another bag. 

I have at least three or four little pouches tucked in totes all over the house that have dental hygiene products, a pen or four, a notebook, some spare change and a couple of lipsticks. 

I’m not a hoarder, I am a creator of portable micro-comfort packs. 

Russ can grab reading glasses, keys, a wallet and cell phone and live fine for weeks. 

I can’t go to a basketball game without repacking my stash. 

Which is why you are not getting much in the way of content today because the mess is begging to be dealt with.

It is so good to be home in command central and I look forward to resuming normal life and posting tomorrow <3

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  1. Me, too. I can identify. But, I am happy when I have something that someone needs and I can help out. Also, becauseI always have a bag I can help carry other’s stuff. . So it isn’t all bad! You brought a smile and a nod today! Bless you as you reorganize.

    1. I am the one who usually has the bandaid, or chapstick or…you name it! and yes – I love to be that person <3

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