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Reality Check and Pep Talk for December the …. 23rd

This will just take a minute….


So slow down…take a breath and listen up…because the kids are like….


and our nerves are like….


so here are some thoughts that I repeat to myself when I have spiraled into the day before Christmas Eve frenzy…

<3   Gifts – seriously?? Everyone on our Christmas list already most likely has abundantly – more – than – enough. Our gifts are tokens of our love and/or appreciation. They are supposed to be FUN for you to purchase and FUN for them to open. If your kids/spouse/whoever doesn’t get everything on their wish list then you have blessed them with the gift of not being over-indulged =0)

<3 Food – kind of the same thing. Everyone attending any kind of meal in your home is probably not nutritionally deprived. Think restaurant menu… the best meals you eat out have an entree, a side and a salad. Throw in some kind of rolls and pull out that tray of cookies from the neighbors and you are golden.

<3 Projects – it’s ok if you didn’t get them all finished. An IOU is way better than a cranky, overtired relative or friend who stayed up til 3 in the morning to finish your handmade gift. They will have something to look forward to in January – and you, my friend, will have something to focus on instead of taking your tree down =0)

<3 All those great ideas that were just in your head and never came into fruition – Repeat after me…NO ONE KNOWS…you are the only one who knows all the cute and wonderful and awesome things you wanted to do that you never got around to…so just put them in some sort of mental file box and ….




so you can just be filled with….



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  1. Good grief! I really needed you to give me permission to just “LET IT GO”! Especially all the ideas I had that never got done, and sure aren’t going to get done today! Now, I’m going to relax! Merry Christmas!

    1. I really need to tell myself that ALOT!! I always have way more ideas than time, money and energy to complete…then I feel like I have failed or let people down and it was all in my head to begin with!!! sigh…

    1. The constant check point for me as the years progress….”Is this eternal or temporal?????” THAT is the only question that really matters…Bless you!

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