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Why do I come to life in the 11th hour?


It doesn’t matter how much time I have to do a project, you can pretty much count on me not really kicking in until the deadline is breathing down my neck.

It’s not like I wasn’t doing other things, mind you…I am always doing a bunch of stuff….but working ahead…nope.

So right now we have bedding fighting for space in the laundry room with table linens for this week…we have last minute craft projects covering all flat surfaces that do not have mixing bowls on top of them.

We have lists on top of lists…ribbon shreds scattered on all levels of the house…a traveling roll of scotch tape that is as elusive as the address book…

And I have been eating a steady diet of cookies, chocolate and leftover take outs from various styrofoam containers….all washed down with massive amounts of ….


And from the looks of the toy aisle at Target…I am not alone…

God bless you all as you tie up your loose ends and please please…take time to breathe and remember why we celebrate. I pray you and I can keep balance and perspective.

Let’s enjoy our friends and our family and our tasks and keep the season well.

Now pass me a cookie and help me find the scotch tape!

** PS….last night I swept the kitchen floor. This morning I noticed the little pile of crumbs still sitting nice and preserved there in the middle of where we walk. I think Russ is stepping over them so as not to disturb in case I meant to leave them there. He is nice like that. 

Also, in the last 12 hours I have gone to type in a text thread that is going between me and a couple of friends over a prayer request; and autocorrect changed “heading” to “He’s king” last night …and this morning “checking” to “He king” . I think God may be overriding autocorrect…amen amen…He King…. <3

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