Run to the Mess

Run to the mess…..

That was my take-away from our sermon at church on Sunday. One of our young pastors did a great job of challenging us to do more than witness through our actions. To put words to our evangelism and to be willing to get messy for the Gospel.

He likened our natural selves and messes to when one of our little ones is spitting up. While in almost every instance of sane thinking, a human being would run in the opposite direction of spewing body fluids, we will actually reach out and try to catch that of our own infants.

Gross and weird, but oh so true.

In the same way, when we are true disciples of Christ, we will move toward the messy stuff of people’s lives.


In case I didn’t get it, the reading from Daily Strength for Daily Needs quoted H. E. Manning; “If we can not bear the vexations of a companion, how should we bear the contradiction of sinners?”

Ouch again.

When those we love and care for are less than appealing, less than fun, less than entertaining, less than caring and loving themselves… I try and get away? Or do I run to the mess?

And how can I run to the mess of this world if I am running away from the particular idiosyncrasies of those near and dear to my heart?

This is a teaching I will be putting in to practice. This will be a refining for sure.

I am so thankful for the One who ran and cleaned up THIS mess of a human being. I am so thankful for His love and power and strength that are at work in me.


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