Just one of those days…


This pretty much sums up yesterday for me.

The dog needed walking. The two year old needed to burn off energy. The “I’m into everything and move faster than lightening” needed containing. So we coped.

I Instagrammed (is that a word?) it with this: “Not my most productive walk or brightest idea.”

The whole day was like that. I went to the wrong library to meet Rachel and the boys. I suggested Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, which we really didn’t allow time for and ended by me cramming our food in to go boxes while Rachel scrambled home with Emmy. As I was paying the bill, Graham decided he needed to go potty….of course….

It was just a series of mishaps and poor timing. You know. Like just about every other day.

Normal life stuff.

On the way home, I was coming down a stretch of country road and up ahead was one of those lane and a half wide pieces of farming equipment that has all kinds of blades and gizmos and big tires. It was kind of plodding along, holding up traffic. Bless his heart… he was moving down a portion of public road to get from one field to the other. Just doing what he needed to do and happened to be doing it when me and 3 other cars were headed down the same stretch of road.

I thought, as I passed him, I know just how you feel, friend.

Some days I just feel like I am out of sync with the rhythm of life.

While I still have my melt downs, God is teaching me that it’s ok. He is teaching me to not fall apart when things don’t go smoothly. Maybe my clumsy day is helping to slow somebody else down. Maybe my faults and shortcomings are helping someone else become more compassionate. Maybe what I think is a string of bad timing on my part is a time to just slow down and rest in the Lord.

God bless YOU today. Whether you are sailing along on a string of perfect moments or feeling like you keep hitting dead ends, I pray you know it is God’s perfection that carries you through the good, the bad and the ugly!

PS As I went to save this, I read yesterdays post title and had to laugh….yesterday, I was the Mess people would have to run to!! haha!!! bless you!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog by way of a comment you left on Melanie Shankle’s blog. When looking for new blogs to follow…new virtual friends to make…I rely on the comments of a few of my favorite bloggers. Is that weird? Probably, but it seems the best way to find others who share similar interests…similar views. At least I know it is true after reading this post. I can so relate to feeling “out of sync with the rhythm of life.” I appreciate your positive perspective. Like you, I do what I can to appreciate the not-so-good days as something other than what they seem…a total drag. Hope you are having a better day today!

    1. Hi Lisa! You are an answer to prayer, because I do pray for God to bring people to this site who would be encouraged by the way He shows Himself to me in the smallest places of every day life as viewed from my wacky perspective =0)
      I am enjoying reading your blog (ok, all you “comment readers” out there, and you know who you are!! check out Lisa’s blog! You will be blessed!)
      Thanks for checking out Journey Onward and for connecting with me! Have a blessed day!

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