Sacred places <3

I stopped by church one day last week because I was craving a sacred place.

A place where the world could be shut out and I could feel closer to God.

I am a visual person and surroundings influence me greatly.

Whether hand crafted by Divine Design or anointed craftsmanship breathed into human hands…I see God in my surroundings and sometimes…I just need a dose of Holy space in which I can
“Be Still and Know” for a minute….or sixty.

But there was none to be had that day I stopped in.

I am quite certain the staff was less than impressed with my displeasure that all the quiet places were filled with productive activity that day.

The after-school program occupied the nooks in the atrium….preparations for Sunday were being completed in the sanctuary….and music lessons were happening in the prayer room.

The kind people trying to get work done in the office made some suggestions of places I could find solitude…but solitude was not what I was looking for.

I can find solitude in my car or our empty house.

I wanted…


I wanted a tangible touch of God through something I could see and could surround myself with in a concrete way. I wanted it desperately that day…but it eluded me.

And I am so thankful I came up empty because it makes me seek harder after Him, who alone is HOLY and is SACRED…

it makes the things that would distract from my need of Him lose their appeal.

It makes everything that glitters pale in comparison…shiny things lose their draw ¬†for me as I pray with greater urgency….

Lord, show us YOUR glory….for nothing else will satisfy the hunger of our human hearts.



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  1. There’s a little park near where we live I love to go and sit in my van and watch the birds and the squirrels sometimes the deer and know that this is my getting close to God! It does my heart good! Thanks for sharing !

    1. Awwwww….thank you Joan <3 I almost asked others to share their sacred places but didn't think anyone would. I love that you did <3 Bless you sweet lady <3

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