Saturday and I just wanted to say hey <3


If you don’t mind, in light of the current state of our world, I may be posting more regularly. 

As a solid 4 on the Enneagram, I feel all the feelings…of me and  you and the song birds sitting out on our feeder trying to get their fair share of seed before the grackles come swooping in. 

So writing is my outlet. It’s my way to process and to draw close to God like the child I am. And over time, I have found it speaks to a few of you. 

If your inbox is full or I am not your cup of tea, that’s cool (not really…but I will heal…insert a grin)….just delete and move on.

I am just thankful for the internet right now because so many people are filling me up with encouragement and joy and ways to pray and keeping me informed. 

Since it is Saturday, I thought I would pass along a few things that are blessing me right now and if you want to share this with others, please do.

If you want to comment with some good news, I will post it. If you need someone to just share your heart with, you can put FYEO (for your eyes only) at the top of the comment and I will email you back but not post. 

Here is my Saturday list of encouragement:

  1. If you have Instagram, follow Natalie Grant. She and her husband are doing a daily song. It is just the two of them, Bernie on piano and Natalie singing. Pure worship and calling down God over our homes and families. Powerful.
  2. I have been asking God daily to show me who might need encouragement. Sometimes it’s just a text to check up, or a phone call or to drop something by someone’s house….ring the bell and run. 
  3. Our Sarah set us up on a google chat thing and by golly, Russ and I conquered another level of technology and got ourselves to the meet up. We provided several minutes of laughter for our young adults as we attempted to get a microphone working. Seeing their faces as they talked was good medicine. 
  4. Face time is so amazing. 
  5. Pandora is free with minimal ads and you can create your own stations from favorite artists. We are blessed beyond measure to have the ability to run through the TV, but you can access on your devices. You can also subscribe and skip the ads. 
  6. With nowhere to go, there a zillion sermons and podcasts to listen to and this is a great opportunity to learn and grow. 
  7. Take care of yourself – and I mean…clean up, dress, maintain the normalcy of routines…drink water often, bundle up and get outside, go ahead and laugh at some of the funnies out there…cry when you need to, acknowledge and name fear that might arise, tell someone…pray together and lift your head. 

Okay….that’s my bit for today. 

You are loved…remember that.

You are not forgotten.

You are precious in the eyes of your God.

He is with us.

We are not alone <3

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  1. I am surprised at how much I have actually accomplished this past week staying home. I check things off that list I made several months ago but seem to continually add more! I have a peace of mind, which is from God. Living in the country makes me feel somewhat safe from all the germs, but I still go grocery shopping. It’s good to see people being kind to one another. At Aldi’s yesterday a man just passed the cart off to me and said the guy before him did the same. We need to keep it going! We are all in this together!

    1. I love hearing this! I have to say we had a little bit of adjustment with Russ moved to working from home so I got off my tasks towards the end of the week, but I am at it today! Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

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