Scars on the Journey


Recently I had the opportunity to share company with some friends and our our oldest daughter’s family. Our grandson knows these friends so he was comfortable from the outset in giving them the full show. At one point in all the shenanigans, he threw his head back to give vent to a deep belly laugh.

Our friends noticed right away the tiny scar on the bottom of his chin and commented on it. Veteran parents know the vulnerability of that area under the chin. Many of our own children sport the same reminder of a time when footing slipped and tender skin met some hard surface.

The hard surface always wins.

When I see that small red line, I feel a sting of pain in my own chin. I flash back to the day I saw him just 12 hours after the encounter with the side of the tub. A bandage had been strapped under his chin, the sides coming just under the folds of those sweet chubby cheeks.

Seeing him bandaged like that; my heart leaked out my eyes, giving away my feelings.

He wasn’t surprised. “I told you she would be sad, mommy.”

Yes, little one, I am sad.

I know that chin got popped on the side of the tub because someone wasn’t sitting down like he had been told. But sitting down and being still are not in the DNA of 3 year old boys.

I’m sad because this is the first of, inevitably, many scars – physical and spiritual – to come.

Some, like this one, will be brought on from his own disobedience. Some will be brought on by the disobedience of others. Some will just be casualties of living.

The source will not matter to hearts that love him. The pain will feel the same either way to us.

I want to protect and preserve all the possibility for good and right in his life.

It will hurt to watch him hurt.

It will hurt to watch the pain in his mommy and daddy as they bandage and kiss the wounds, wipe the tears, provide the necessary dose of correction or teaching, and pick up the pieces of his heart and theirs.

But this is the life we are born into.

I am so thankful for a Savior who understands and identifies with us.

I am so thankful that, in Him, scars are simply reminders that we have been healed.

Isaiah 53:5        But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our                                                     iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes                                   we are healed.

Blessings on your past, present and future….today <3

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