Unsent, undone, unprofitable….

Every now and then, I go to text a friend and sitting there in the typing box is the last message I typed, but never sent….

No wonder they didn’t respond….

I feel silly and debate sending or just deleting….is the message time-sensitive? Usually it was and the relevance has passed.

I also feel silly when I see the exercises for my back and neck sitting on the kitchen table and the large ball I purchased to help me with them laying in a corner of the family room. Like unsent messages, nothing is accomplished by just having them in the house.

The list of chores by day of the week…no good unless I do them…..

The books purchased left to be read, projects in bags stacked in corners, calls not made, cards not sent….all profit nothing unless I take the first step and then the next and keep taking the steps until the work is done.

People will ask me, “How can I pray for you?”….well….if you are one of those, pray that I would overcome procrastination and hesitation in completing tasks!

And for those of you who might be reading this and are nodding your head in understanding, I am stopping….right now….and saying a prayer for YOU for the same!!!

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  1. I’m so bad at this too . At work I’m fine. Everything outside of work I seriously struggle with.
    I’ll be praying for you Laura!

    1. Looks like we have a lot in common….maybe when each of us is struggling with our own procrastination, we could ask God to help us AND others who might be struggling as well!!!!! =0)

    1. Yes indeed!! I think a lot of people do, but sometimes I feel like the only one!! I seriously hear God say at times, “Uh, Laura….a LITTLE of Martha wouldn’t hurt!!!!!” Haha!!! love you, girl!!!!

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