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Sharing your food <3

One of the beautiful parts about starting the day in God’s Word is, most of the time…you pick up morsels that are so good and so rich and so filling…you can’t help sharing them throughout the day with others.

This past week, I have been digesting a study I attended last Tuesday evening.

The teaching was on Prophecy.

Please don’t leave because you think this is going to be scary.

It wasn’t about the Prophets or about becoming a Prophet – it was about speaking God’s Words of healing and hope and life over others.

It was about sitting down in those moments we have at the start of the day..

(and I have some precious friends who start their day getting up in the wee hours of dawn to serve in health care or on the front lines of a young family so you all have to get your Word in at different times…but you do it, so just adjust the time frame here!)

as if you were getting a good feeding for your own soul and then some to take out there and spread amongst others who are hungry and malnourished spiritually.

As I recopy my notes, I have been taking time to really read and meditate on the Scripture passages.

This morning as I worked, I was able to consecutively read five passages recording different healings Jesus did.

As I read and took note, I marveled at the variety of ways He healed.

In the midst of my reading and jotting notes and pondering, my heart began to fill and swell and I was reminded of a precious Jesus-follower who no longer walks this journey with us named Phil.

I thought how she would take her time with the Lord and she would lift her arms straight up and shout Hallelujah! and then she would go out into the world and share with others, in the course of ordinary conversations, what God had shown her in His Word.

I am pretty certain this lady, who provided spiritual mentoring to me and to so many, lived the promise of Isaiah 55:11.

The picture of this verse is that God has spoken out His Word and as it goes around and comes back to Him, it does not return to Him without fruit.

His Word accomplishes what He has purposed it to do and so when we are taking His Word into our minds and our hearts and our souls and our spirits, it is with prayerful consideration that He intended that Word to activate things here on planet earth.

My biggest take-away from last Tuesday night’s gathering was the encouragement to intentionally look for how I can speak words of God to those I will meet each day in the way God made me to do this.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to pull off a hearty “Hallelujah! Let me tell you what the LORD showed me this morning…”

But I pray to be so filled with His Word each day that I share it the way He made me to share it.

We are each unique in personality and style and we each one have an area of influence every day.

Use the gifts He has given you to bless others in obedience to His direction.

There are a lot of hungry people out there…

let’s make sure we share what we have been given <3

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  1. I loved having you with us Tuesday night. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by like-minded women, from different congregations, in the family of God. Be encouraged today, because you ARE sharing His Word in your circle of influence on your blog – and in your home – and many other places. Thanks for sharing this awesome insight and passing along the revelation knowledge that you received from Marti– or should I say the revelation knowledge Marti has received from the Lord

    1. I am so glad Julie invited me. I, too, enjoy seeing different friends and meeting new people who love Jesus. A beautiful part of each month. It is inspiring to realize that we all can just open up God’s Word and ask the Spirit to teach us each day. But yes indeed…am so blessed by Marti’s sharing of knowledge received <3

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