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So helpful

Yesterday was my day to watch the boys…IMG_4953This one was trying to open my car door, while #1 was putting cones out in the drive so I would see they were playing there….then they both helped me get my sun visor in place…IMG_4956In fact…they are so helpful no matter what we do…IMG_4729shopping is a breeze as they assist with taste testing dessertsIMG_4734selecting the best lobster (which they do not realize people plan to …. uh…eat…so our little secret…wink wink)..IMG_4742and check out…mind  your feet, please…IMG_4751Yesterday we had a little more taste testing…post nap…which explains the hair…IMG_4973and a vocabulary lesson where Emmett went around teaching me words like…IMG_4976f – r – o -g…at least I think that is what he said.

And then best of all, Graham helped me with a couple of loads of laundry…IMG_4968So to give you an idea of how that went, I leave you with the following dialogue:

Lola: Is this your shirt?     Graham: Can’t you see how LITTLE it is??? (apparently I couldn’t)

Lola: What bottoms go with this pajama top?   Graham: “The same as Emmy’s!”  (Emmy’s were upstairs in his drawer, by the way…)

Lola: Is THIS a pajama shirt or a regular shirt?     Graham: Does it LOOK like a pajama shirt?(well…kinda…that’s sort of why I asked….)

Lola: Can you set this stack of washcloths over there?    Graham: Look what I can do! (climbs over all the folded laundry in order to roll back over it…taking most of it with him…)

So, young mom’s…if you wonder why you are exhausted, frazzled and feel like you are walking backward on an upward escalator, I will remind you…there are forces working against you that are trying desperately to “help” you…you are amazing! Hang in there…laugh when you can…cry when you must…and keep your mom on speed dial!





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  1. This is a commentary on the Republican debate last night, in code, right? Wink, wink.
    Love the pictures. I just don’t know who to vote for…Spiderman (local hero), Superman (from another planet), was that a Teenage Mutant Turtle (from the sewers) and some (illegal alien) crab with pinchers and human hands? Or are you saying that a woman has to stay strong despite all the men in her way? I am joking, of course. You are an amazing Lola and we all need to remember how important it is to help our kids and grandkids grow strong in loving one another. You are doing well. I love your blog posts. My daughter has me on her speed dial too.

    1. haha…well if this was a code for the debate then Emmy could definitely fill in for the Donald sometimes…he has the hair and attitude thing going for him and his favorite word is “ME!!”…ha!

      And yes…adult children should most definitely have both mom and dad on speed dial…we have different wiring and gifts but that same parental love thing that conquers all…except the political debates…Ha!

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