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So I can keep focused on the big picture…

Not only is it Monday…it is …. gulp…the last Monday of January….

take a moment to let that one sink in…


I am thankful for the constant reminder during the COMMON THREADS series at FCC that we can pray “breath prayers”…

because as time hurtles away ever more rapidly…sometimes that is the bulk of my prayer time…

arrows of prayer sent throughout the busy moments of each day.


Yesterday we added a black thread to our collection as Pastor Wayne shared with us about seeking God’s DIRECTION in life.

The central passage he used for the teaching was Psalm 90 which is thought to be written by Moses.

In the interest of time…yours and mine…here are my takeaways from this sermon…but please please…study it for yourself and make note of what God is speaking to YOU!!!

He has an individual word for each of us. Two key passages jump out at me from Psalm 90.

<3    The first is verse 12…

So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

While the gist of it makes a wonderful “breath prayer” as I go through the day, it is only the meditation of these words that gives meaning and depth to save the prayer from just being a mindless, rote repetition.

Truly knowing what these words mean to me transform this simple prayer into the cry of my heart for God to invade my daily decisions with His wisdom so that I move through the day with purpose.

His purpose.

Which has eternal value.

It makes me realize that so often I seek direction so I can get a clear picture of a choice that needs to be made.

And this is saying that the goal isn’t the decision…the goal is to gain a heart that is wise….interesting.

I also have to look back over the passages before this line because “SO” implies this is the conclusion of some sort of explanation of life. ** Spoiler alert…I will discuss that further tomorrow….I know.

It’s like a cliff-hanger.


<3 The second key passage is found in verses 16 & 17….Let your work appear to Your servants and Your glory to their children.

Ok…just going to stop right there and say…

Yes to all of the above.


I want so desperately to see God’s hand; to understand what He is doing so that I can fully cooperate and then …

I want our children…the ones Russ and I gave birth to…the ones who were born in our heart…the ones our children have given birth to…the generations coming behind us…our children…your children…

to see



His G L O R Y

And let the beauty (favor) of the LORD our God be upon us…

and establish the work of our hands for us; yes…establish the work of our hands.

Again…so much in these few words…

That we are acknowledging ourselves to be His servants implies surrender to His sovereignty. His ownership of us because we were purchased back from death to life by the blood of His Son…

That we do the work but He makes it matter…

The picture of His favor

His Beauty

RESTING on us…


Much to ponder today…

Much to share tomorrow…

God bless you as  you breathe your prayers to Him …. breathing IN His word….breathing OUT His word….

Spiritual CPR to fuel your Monday  <3

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