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So. much. rain.

More. Rain.

That’s the story here and in many parts of the country.

Last night Russ and I followed the Weather Channel coverage of areas that have been hard hit with flooding and it was so sad.

We watched with horror as a school bus attempted to cross a flow of water on a road – something we are all clear we are never to do, right???

The water was deeper and the current stronger than anticipated.

This huge yellow carrier of small children began to float and then almost capsized as it leaned dangerously on its side.

The reporter narrated the whole thing like a sporting event, as if we couldn’t see it playing out. He was merciful enough to quickly jump to the end where the bus made it through somehow and all the kids were safe.

Except for the part where they probably will have nightmares and an irrational fear of yellow and buses for a while.

Or a lifetime.

The driver made a decision and put the kids in peril that were under his or her care.

Due to circumstances beyond their control (which also happens to be the theme of the devotions I am studying this week), these little ones were subjected to a wild ride, no small amount of upheaval and came close to a serious, if not permanent, change to their young lives.

It makes me think of our journeys and how sometimes there seem to be forces driving the trajectory of our lives that take us right into the most unpleasant of situations.

We are like a first grader, clutching our backpack as our world is dragged along in a current that threatens to overturn all that is sacred in us and to us.

We look around for help, but our fellow travelers are grasping for stability with their own white-knuckle grip.

And at those times, we who have given all to follow Christ, might be tempted to think God has abandoned us completely. Oswald Chambers refers to it as “those times when God seems like an unkind friend”.

Many years ago, I was going through a season where everything that could possibly be shaken was coming on like Ninja blender.

I remember drawing a huge roller coaster in my journal pages that featured deep ups and downs and a tiny little cart perched at the top of a doozy of a drop. It had a little stick figure me in it and I sat before the Lord and told Him…this is what I feel like.

In the silence that followed my presentation, four words were impressed on my heart that I think of often.





It was all I needed to know.

Even though life was throwing twists and curves that I didn’t understand and the path was bewildering, I knew my life was and is in the Hands of the One who designed it.

No matter what….

He is a good Father.

And you and me…we are loved by Him.

He’s got this…

and He’s got us…

and He will get us safely home <3

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