One nation…under God <3

Russ had to fly out of Bloomington Regional airport yesterday.

As he waited for the incoming plane to empty for boarding, he said about fifteen army rangers came off to attend the funeral of the young man who was killed in Afghanistan.

He said all the waiting passengers stood and clapped in respect and appreciation.

I may have cried.

Then and now.

Prayers for those who carry on here even as they grieve the loss of friends and family who gave their lives in service to this country.

Prayers for those who served and survived and yet bear the scars of war on their bodies and their hearts, their minds and their spirits.

Prayers for our leaders and those who have been placed in positions where difficult decisions must be made that ensure the greater good for all.

Prayers that our nation and its leaders would seek the face of God – His wisdom, His guidance, His direction , His heart.

Prayers for mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren…aunts, uncles, friends…all who daily watch the chaos that is global knowing their loved ones are on the front lines.

I am not wise nor do I profess to know much and understand the politics and logistics and nature of kingdoms and democracies and such.

But I know what it is to love people deeply and to be helpless beyond prayer for their safety and well-being.

I am sure you do as well.

So today…

we pray



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  1. Thanks Laura, you’ve expressed so eloquently what many of us feel and think! Yes, prayers for all you mentioned.. And for you, you ARE wise and so loving! Jesus is reflected in you❤️

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