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So now I am a preferred customer…

I just spent way more time than I am interested in spending trying to find the post where I was living in fear of a collection agency coming after me for magazine subscriptions that had expired…I gave up the search, but I did write one….

It is hard to say when, because I have been hounded for the better part of a year by two magazines. Apparently they were “extremely disappointed” in me for breaking our trust relationship.

I guess when I purchased a one year subscription, they felt we had entered into a lifetime commitment. I had other ideas.

Each month, I would get these shame-provoking statements about how, when I ordered the magazine, this poor company had sent it to me in good faith thinking I would pay my bill. Well, I had. For the one year subscription that I wanted.

It was their idea to continue sending me magazines each month beyond what I had ordered. And so, the language of the billing escalated to a kind of threatening level.

I finally decided to attempt to “do the right thing”. I wrote on the bills that I no longer wanted the magazines and could they please remove me from the mailing list. Yes, I broke down and actually put a stamp on an envelope and tried to end this relationship, as if I was dealing with people who have feelings.

Well….good news, bad news….now I am such a great customer that they are combining the two magazines and giving me enough discounts to retire on. Ok. I exaggerate. But I have gotten increasingly better offers since I contacted them with my status. I am now up to being able to purchase BOTH magazines for a combined fee of $8 for a year.

I am assuming this month, I will also be offered partial ownership in the company.

And all I can think of is a verse….

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7 (NASB)

I am not suggesting this is a great thing with publications you don’t want, but I am thinking that maybe God likes it when I swallow my pride, attempt the apology; even when I feel I wasn’t in the wrong, and humble myself by following through at whatever cost.

May God bless you today as you seek to live in ways that are pleasing to Him <3




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  1. I can so relate to your problem. But I finally saved 2 bills that were from the same magazine, but different prices, then mailed them back with a big “Please cancel my subscriptions”. I haven’t heard from that one in a long time, but now another one keeps sending a bill. Time to let them know too, I guess.
    Love your writings.

    1. Oh I know…I just couldn’t believe they continued to send them so I thought maybe this would end it…oh no…I am getting them every month with better and better offers…at least they are not threatening me any more!! ha!

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