Solitude’s role in sanctification


I started a post last night with the title up above. But I just deleted the whole thing. Except the title still fits.

Because this morning.


Not our son-in-law, Daniel, though he is just a darling and we love him so much.

No. Daniel, as in, the one taken captive to Babylon. The one who served  under Kings like Nebuchadnezzar and Darius, by serving God.

I read Chapters 1 -3 yesterday and 4-6 today. I have read them many times, but each time, I am captured (no pun intended) by the account of this faithful servant of God.

There is so much more I would like to know about him. I think how wonderful it would have been of God to have Daniel write a book for us about how to live a godly life in an ungodly culture.

“Living Free in Captivity” or “How to Get Along with Pagans without Becoming One” by Daniel.

I could use some kind of 10 step plan to implement.

But no. We are given the briefest of glimpses.

Daniel 1:8-13 He maintained the core values of his beliefs in a way that was not pushy, but opened the door for witnessing the truth of his faith in a spirit of cooperation and strength.


Daniel 2:17; 27 & 28 He was aware of the fact that he had nothing to bring to the table except what God gave him and he willingly used these gifts to do what was right.

Daniel 4: 19 He loved. He loved the king he served even if he didn’t share his beliefs. He had compassion and love for them and they loved and cared for him in return.

Daniel 5 He spoke the truth, he said what God said. He did not accept the treasures of this world as his reward.

Daniel 6: 10 No matter what the world told him he could and couldn’t do, he continued to acknowledge God. He bowed to only God. He worshiped only God.

And because of his daily choices and decisions to follow God, to obey God, to declare God; even the King of Babylon and the King of Persia had to declare the praises of God Most High.

And I wonder…

Lord, in this day, will we be influenced by the culture or will we impact the culture because we remained loyal to only You?





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