Some tender thoughts on this Friday that is so Good <3

I didn’t get a post up yesterday as Russ and I decided to head out for a walk and quite a walk we took. He said I could pick the route this time and we ended up getting in about four miles of steps. This morning, as we are heading to the airport shortly after breakfast, he said he was content to just sit with me and watch the waves come in for a bit longer. 

We are leaving as we came, with a beautiful sun rising over a cloudless sky. Yesterday was our least pleasant day weather wise. The wind blew at a ridiculous pace that reminded us of our beloved prairie. 

In the evening, we decided to go see a movie at the nearby theater. 

If you have not seen “Cabrini” it is one we would highly recommend. Our hearts were broken and encouraged by the story of this Italian nun and her order who came to America in the year of 1889 to bring help to immigrants from her country who were treated as the least of these in the slums and streets of New York City. 

This morning as I sit and ponder the gift of these days here to rest and be refreshed it is with irony of what we saw last night depicted in the film. Not only has the Lord given Russ and I means and resources in material ways, we have been given the gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

The photo above shows you a path here that is laid with blue tarp down to the edge of the water. Every morning someone blows any sand off of it and clears it of debris so that wheels and feet can more easily make their way down to the waterfront. 

While for many of us, it was just a nicer way to get across the sand, there were others who would not have made it down to the shore without this nice smooth surface. 

I have never seen such a thing on a beach before. We have only seen one other path provided like this at a place a distance down from us. 

I think this morning that this is what Jesus wants us to be. 

A path made easier for others to get to Him. 

It involves intention and thought to be the conduit of His love for others.

I think of His words to Peter on another beach one morning as He cooked a fish breakfast and then assured this fallen man of His love for him. He asked Peter three times if he loved Him and with each assertion, Jesus said…Feed my sheep. 

We love Him by tending others. 

If we have Jesus, we have been given everything. Now we follow Him as we help clear the way for the people around us to know Him as He has made Himself known to us. 

The question that rests on my heart this morning is: What can I do, as I move forward from this season of Lent 2024 to help clear the path for others to know Him?

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