Wednesday Randomness from the beach <3


I am confused on time…with Daylight Savings Time and now in a different time zone, I have had to abandon asking myself what time it used to be or should be and just go with what time my watch says it is.

However, right at this moment I am very thankful I am writing with an extra hour before the noon Central time zone posting deadline!!!

Here we go friends…

Random #1

These guys are everywhere, except on the beach. And I am very thankful for that.

But then today, one of their kind…the slithering, coiled, head raised, body trailing out behind kind of reptile decided to show up on the shoreline as we were walking. Right where the waves were lapping up seashells on the wet sand.

People were stopped and pointing and commenting and I may have said “heck to the no” as I vowed to never enter the ocean again for the rest of my life.

I also may have been blessing the land of the Irish and Iceland and any other land where there are no snakes. I didn’t take a photo. I was moving too fast down the beach.

Which brings me to ….

Random #2

Three nights ago as we sat watching the sun set, I took this rather (I thought) artsy photo. I was pretty impressed with myself until I showed it to Russ.

He mentioned that it looked like a cobra.

I am choosing NOT to see that and also regretting my impulsive thought of – “As if you would see a snake along the shore of the ocean!”


On to happier randoms….

Random #3

Every evening we drag our little half chairs down to the shore to watch the best show in town. Along with a myriad of others, we sit and watch the tide roll in, the children play and impromptu and professional photo shoots up and down the beach.

I have dragged myself over to a few groups and offered to take a pic of the whole family so whoever is the designated photographer can be included or to save them from hurting themselves trying to get everyone and the setting sun into a selfie

We smiled the other night as a younger set of grandparents took various photos with adult children/spouses/significant others and one very special new grandchild. Only one. First one of the litter.

Everyone was working to get the little tyke to smile, hands were held as the young parents and then grandparents walked away from the camera for that perfect photo to mark this visit to the beach.

We may have also laughed because we were once that dewy eyed set of parents and then grandparents who had no idea the journey that lies ahead as you raise a generation of humans. Bless the innocence and ignorance.

We wouldn’t trade a tear, a laugh, a sorrow, a wound, a joy, a trip to the ER, the terrible two’s, the worse than that teen years, a single moment. We have loved every inch of the trail <3

Random #4

Isn’t this a pretty way to have your dinner served?

I am definitely going to have to step up my game.

Random #5

I see these boats along the shore every morning. After a google search, I think they might be fishing for bait. The guys stand on the deck and throw out small nets and pull in a little clump of something.

And this morning I thought about some fisherman from long ago who were doing much the same when Jesus called them to drop their nets and follow Him.

And they did.

They just left the nets and the fish, the biggest catch of their lives, and they followed Him. For three years they followed Him and then for the rest of their lives.

Can you imagine?

Oh, but we have done more than imagined.

We who follow Him have at some point left everything and then picked up whatever He told us to do and have done it

Ordinary people, living ordinary lives from an extraordinary transformation.

I have a friend who said his life verse was that one right there…

Matthew 4:20 …. and at once they dropped their nets and followed Him.

It is an every day dropping, every day being ready to set down what we had in mind and taking up what He has in mind <3

Blessings my friends <3

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  1. I thought the artsy photo was very artsy. I don’t see a snake but I see a very well designed photograph that is worthy of Photography Today magazine. Looking forward to more photos.

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