March book review <3

No fooling…I read three books in March.

Here they are sitting with great sorrow under what was our beautiful Magnolia. I look forward to seeing this view every spring, but last night we had hail the likes of Armageddon and we lost most of the blossoms. 

I had to smile at the irony of setting the last two books of the Anne of Green Gables series in front of those poor fallen soldiers. She would have lamented the loss right with me. 

Here are some thoughts on the books I read. 

The last two in the series about Anne with an “e” are more about the offspring of the couple I grew to love from the get go. And not just their children, but the children of others who had been key story elements in the first six books. 

I missed knowing more about what Anne was thinking and doing, but it was also much how life goes. Our lives meld into the lives of our children and our stories are carried as much in them as us. 

The last book, Rilla of Ingleside, was deeply moving as it covered the entrance of Canada into World War 1 and followed these children I felt like I had helped raise as they headed off to Europe and the front lines. The book ended with the ending of the war and the return of all but one of the children. I cried multiple times.

It was interesting to read of this war that I know so little about through the eyes of the women and men back home. I also appreciated reading it from the perspective of a non-American author. Now I want to read more about that war. 

The third book I read was one I picked up outside the YMCA from one of those book share boxes. The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister, was an interesting and encouraging read. The chapters are short, maybe a couple of pages on average. Each one covers an aspect of life and how we can face it with bitterness or grace as we get older.

She talks early on about the three stages of “old”. There is the younger stage, the middle stage and then the older stage. She assigns numbers but I will not in case you are of a certain age and don’t want to think about it.

She herself felt “too young” to be writing about how to age gracefully as she was only 70 when she was penning this book. That made me smile. 

Basically, she is telling us that we still have much to give to the world and we owe it to the world to not quit. She also reminds the reader continually that just because we are moving more slowly, we are moving and that is what it is all about. Her words regarding these latter years are uplifting in a youth driven culture. 

Overall, this is a very good book but I do want to insert a caveat to my review. Joan Chittister is a Benedictine nun so the basic line of her writing is with an understanding of a Biblical world view. 

However, there were a few passages that revealed more of a “God within us” that bordered on New Age vibes. She also refers a few times to how all religions are really worshipping the same God, which I am certain the theology of these same religions would not validate. 

So while I recommend the book, I also recommend reading with discernment. But I recommend reading all things with discernment. If something sounds out of line, don’t just accept it as truth. It is good to read other people’s thoughts, but always with our minds fully engaged. 

I did offer Russ to read it and he is enjoying as well. I had it with me in Florida and a dad we had visited with around the pool mentioned as they were passing by that he likes her writing. So I guess this one is good for men and women and would recommend to younger people as well. It would be valuable as you watch your parents age or need a fresh perspective on what really matters in your career building/family raising years.

Now we are on to a new month. What are you reading? 

Blessings, friends.

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  1. I just finished reading Jan Mathew’s book on caregiving for her father. It touched my heart so deep.

    1. OH that is a good one and I am posting your comment to remind others about it! Written by our local friend Jan Mathew’s Surrounded by Love. Available on Amazon.

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