Something different to start the week…<3

Happy Monday to you <3

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

These words came to me as I was walking during one of our more Fall-like days recently.

The crisp air and colorful leaves beginning to dot the sidewalk reminded me how much I do love the sights and scents and activities that come with Autumn; yet I was thinking back over the summer and different moments that were so special…and this set of lines came to me so I jotted them down.

For those of the poetic nature…perhaps it will make sense…for my sweet black and white concrete thinking friends…it may be a stretch…however it hits you…be blessed to know that I am smiling now picturing your precious faces on the other side of this screen <3

Summer Thoughts <3

And all the memories of summer were like colorful little beads strung side by side on a thin cord.

As the winds of autumn began to blow a chill across the evening skies, 

she realized it was now long enough to tie together into a lovely necklace.

And so she added it to the other necklaces she had gathered over the years.

All the summers and winters…

falls and springs…

all lovely little bits of beads that now were clustered into so many necklaces they could not even be counted.

And she breathed a humble prayer of thanks to her Father for surely He had blessed her with so many tiny fragments of joy…

so many extraordinary moments that had made up the ordinary of all the every days.


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