What I learned from a football game….

So on Saturday we went to watch a certain team play college football and I will be first to say that I know little to nothing about the intricacies of the game.

But I do know something after observing almost three quarters of this particular game.

Now I hope I don’t get too technical here…but it seemed to me that when one team handed the ball to a player and he ran up through the middle of the melee of other players smashing into each other around him…even to the point of the whole mass of helmets and jerseys moving simultaneously in forward progress until they could finally get him to stop…and he did so with intense energy and purpose and a physical posture that basically looked like a human canon ball hurtling forward…it was highly effective.

In contrast, when the other team, ahem….which will remain nameless…had the same opportunity and chose to run as wide a path out around the said crushing of defense and offense, it seemed most of the energy was spent going out to the edges of the playing field rather than producing any kind of advancement toward the goal.

And I can tell you.

Sitting in the stands, it was painfully obvious that if you wanted to score a touchdown, you were going to have to either figure out a way to sail that ball over the heads of everybody and hope and pray someone was down there to catch it.

Or you were going to have to put your head and shoulder down as low as possible, clutch the ball tightly and barrel your way through.

And it occurs to me that often in my life, I have a tendency to carry the ball in all kinds of directions that avoid conflict and sweat equity…wasting precious time headed for the safety of the sidelines instead of facing the opposition and pushing forward to the goal.

I don’t have a snappy way to pull this together…I don’t have a clever way that you and I could implement this…I don’t even have the audacity to pretend I have come up with some life-change about the way I will set goals and then work diligently to achieve them.

I just know that I saw me in the team that was high-tailing it to the sidelines to avoid contact and I didn’t like what I saw.

And maybe that discomfort is worse than the fear of getting slammed on the way to achieving some goals and helps explain why they still seem a very long way off.

So let’s encourage one another to continue on … no matter the opposition…no matter the confrontation…no matter the times we get knocked down.

If we have been given a ball to carry..let’s head straight to the goal and not be afraid to get a little scuffed in the process.

Blessings dear ones as you and I journey onward   <3

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  1. Great analogy Laura and it fits most of us in our daily lives. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today!

    1. Always happy when something that made sense inside my head to me translates through words to others out there! Blessings! Thanks for letting me know <3

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