Sometimes it is what you say AND the way you say it <3

Good morning and Happy Friday to you!

Rumor has it we are in for mild temps, low humidity and sunshine for the weekend. That is my weather love language. A rare treat here in the Midwest for sure! 

Yesterday was my day with the kiddo’s and since their schedule was free of commitments, we came down here. 

We took an outing to the playground and library nearby.

 As we unloaded from the car, Emmett and Graham headed to the sidewalk where they were actually getting along and being safe. 

I had Caroline on one hip and Joel was allowing me to unbuckle his seat belt without insisting he can do it.

Oh, no he can’t.

But he still wants to try.

So: “Help me, but don’t.”

Everybody had kept their shoes on. No one suddenly needed a drink or to go potty. I had my purse with the keys and my phone in it plus three drawstring bags for books. 

It was one of my finer moments. 

Just as Joel was ready to slip out, a car pulled into the space next to us and the driver eagerly rolled down her window and loudly and laughingly proclaimed, “You sure have your hands full.” 



I have heard younger moms express frustration at this, but now I was the recipient. 

While I am pretty sure the lady didn’t mean it in a negative way, somehow I was not encouraged or edified or lifted up. 

Instead I felt like I was an oddity…somewhat like I was spinning plates in a circus act. 

I had no idea how to respond so I just kind of smiled that stiff smile I have when my social skills completely vanish and steered my tribe over to the playground area. 

A little while later we headed back to enter the library and encountered another fellow patron coming up the sidewalk.

This one was a man who appeared to be maybe twenty years my senior. 

Hot from the park and full of energy, we were rather noticeable. 

I was still carrying Caroline, Emmet had already shot through the door and was holding it wide open, Graham was basically scaling the wall around the fountain asking if he could put his hands in the water…no…and Joel was weaving zig zag fashion back and forth trying to decide if he wanted to join Graham for a dip or help Emmett hold the door.

As I attempted to get everyone corralled and let the gentleman go in front of us, he laughed gently and said he had raised five of those himself and gave me a thumbs up smile and nod of the head to let me know I was doing fine.

First off.

The fact that he actually thought they were mine earned him a forever spot in my 2018 Hall of Fame. 

But that aside…what a difference the effect of his words had on me. 

Suddenly we were on the same team. 

I wasn’t a spectacle.

I was a human being tending smaller human beings.

And I was succeeding at it. 


So if you see a young mom or dad or parents …

or an older Lola-type…

herding tots today…

give them a smile…tell them how beautiful their family is…hold the door…let them hold the door for you as you carefully step over little feet…ride the crazy train of it all a few miles with them…gesture a thumb’s up…and make their load a little lighter <3


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  1. Love the way you write from your heart! And, YES… that’s a compliment! I can hear you in this story. So honest. So heartfelt. Love you Laura. Looking forward to October!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Yes – I am excited to return to the Declare Conference and be filled but also to get to spend some time with you, my friend! And to hear all God has been putting on your heart!!! Can’t wait!

  2. Amen, and what a joy we have to serve in the capacity that He places us.❤️

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