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The Fourth Quarter

Well welcome to Monday and the week where I bid farewell to the decade that was my 50’s.


As one of our dear football-loving friends likes to point out….

Laura, we’re in the fourth quarter.

How did that happen?

I am not quite certain, except to say it was spent in moments and some of them were pretty amazing and some I wasted terribly.

Some were so rough, there is no way I would press rewind because I simply have no desire to ever walk through the landmines again.

And some were so precious that the joy of them literally burst my heart so wide that it is painful.


That kind of happy that becomes physical to the point you think maybe you might be having a coronary situation because you heart is doing that Grinch-growth thing and busting out of your rib cage?

And a lot of it was just ordinary moments of doing what needs to be done…with people I love in a community I am blessed to call my earthly home.

I used to love my birthday and looked forward to it with eager anticipation and much chatter.

I always had great celebrations because I shared the excitement of my upcoming special day with anyone who would stand still long enough.

And then I hit an age where getting older lost its charm and my exuberance over the day waned…

to the point that I focused more on the part of the hourglass where the grains of sand are rocking low to the bottom of that inevitable hole.

An attitude that is depressing and pointless and so very wrong.

So it has been my goal to enter the last part of this run with joy and determination to end well.

Fourth quarter in a good game is the best part of the game.

It’s where teams knuckle down and get serious.

It’s where players decide how much they want to walk way knowing each one left it all on the field.

I have been thinking about how best to honor God with the journey so far and so this week I will just have some observations on life gleaned to this point.

No great words of wisdom, but just some of the thoughts and pondering made as I have lived through the past fifty years of life on planet earth.

Hopefully a mix of some fun and insight and doses of my heart.

I hope you will join me for the party as we continue this journey…onward <3




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  1. That fourth quarter is not all bad. You will do amazing things.You have a lot to be proud of.

  2. Happy Birthday, Laura. Oh God gives us many challenges in the fourth quarter, but he also gives us great joy just to know He is in control. That same little girl that giggled and cried (sometimes all in the same hour) is still that same person that lives in your “last quarter” body. She still wants to laugh and cry and live life to the fullest. May you find God’s greatest blessings in this last quarter.

    1. One of my richest treasures is the mentor you were and continue to be to me. Thank you for this – it means more than my words could ever say <3

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