Soups on….

Last week I had to transport three containers of soup to some folks that live on the north side of town.

I purchased three uber deep containers with plastic snap on lids. As I set them in the trunk , that still small voice cautioned me that I might want to put trays under them.

I love that still small voice SO much.

I drove so carefully that pick up trucks were compelled to race their engines as they swerved out around to pass me. Ouch….

I prayed over every filled in pothole, railroad track and incline/decline on the way.

All for naught.

At the first stop, I opened the trunk to find three containers nestled in three pools of sloppy mess.

Because no matter how careful I am, the roads in this town are just bumpy and rough, and for as flat as Illinois is supposed to be — surprisingly hilly!!!

And that’s kind of how I start every day. I sit at the end of the table, with my devotions and Bible and prayers and journal. I pour out and I let God pour in.

I get up and start the day, but this container leaks.

As I hit the invariable bumps of life, I can find myself sloshing out all that God put in.

But I tell you….He is my tray…. I rest myself in Him. I trust Him to catch my messes. And if my messes over flow some days, well, it’s kind of like the quilt that all these trays were resting on….at the end of the day, He takes it and washes it, and tomorrow….we will start over, God and me <3

God bless you on this Monday morning….I hope you are filled and poured out and resting in Him. I hope that the bumps are minimal, but if not, I hope you know His cushioning love <3


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