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Speaking of waiting and how we wait…

My bag is packed. Just in case.


I wash my hair every morning so I can get two days out of it if needed. Just in case.

I have a list on the counter of anything that will need to be canceled or covered each day. Just in case.

My phone is on audible ringtone. Loud. Just in case.

I live throughout the day thinking, “If I get the call, what will I wish I had gotten accomplished here?”

Because we know a baby is coming.

The expected date has passed so every day is closer.

I live intentionally and with purpose.


I am looking for a promised coming of a little one.

I know we are having a baby.

I don’t know when, but all the signs point to its impending arrival.

This week as I was driving home from errands, the old Crystal Lewis song came on…People Get Ready…Jesus is coming….soon…SOON…we will be going Home <3

It makes me think about how actively I should be waiting that Arrival.

What if I got up each morning anticipating His return TODAY?

What if I lived with the motivation of knowing it could be TODAY…and what would I hope to have accomplished if it is?

And yet, there are tasks that need to be done and life to be lived as a gift from Him each day. There is tending and stewarding and maintaining of possessions and people and relationships and ministries and, well, my own self.

That is the tension you and I, who follow Christ, live in.

Each day is closer to that Day.

We don’t know when it will be, but we know it will come.

We have to do the stuff of everyday while remembering that there is an urgency pressing us to share the Gospel…to live the Gospel…to go about our everyday’s, every day, with the intentional awareness that He came to seek and save the LOST…

that all of this, here, is temporal…real, important…but temporary…

and to ask for wisdom and discernment and opportunity.

To ask for His eyes for the broken and the weary and the wandering and the lost.

To ask for strength when our hearts grow weary and to ask for courage when our knees are shaking and to ask for the wind of the Spirit to blow on the embers of our fading faith when things get rough.


The Day is coming…so as we wait, let us wait well and make the most of TODAY <3

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  1. Ah! Thank you again! Today I was not waiting well, but through the day little touches were sent to me to remind me HE is still there, and I have an assignment here. Your writing was just another little sign.

    1. Love how God just keeps cheering us on through the words of others and His Word!!! Thankful to be a part of His team !!!

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