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Stuck but not hopelessly….


I was washing out candle votives today, when one slipped out of my hand and down in the garbage disposal.

It fit absolutely perfectly….with just enough room for me to attempt to wedge my fingers along one side…but not enough room then to pull it out.

For 10 intense minutes I cried and tried and prayed and eventually thought to use the tongs.


And somehow, it finally slid out little by little…


leaving my hands covered in disgusting gunk from that little rubbery thing that hides the disposal from sight when you look in the sink.

And as I was attempting to remove this, and kind of ranting and possibly having a meltdown, I asked God to please help me get the thing out and if there was anything ANYTHING He could possibly teach me from it besides don’t let a votive slide down the disposal ever again….then I would share it with you.

And I will tell you….just as the thing came sliding out like a newborn through a birth canal, God spoke gently in my heart….

“If it could fit going in, it will come out…it may be messy and hard work and frustrating and long….but if it fit going in, it can be brought out again.”

Well…this speaks to me…whether its a person who has slid down a hole or a relationship that has slid off the radar or a situation that has slid into hopelessness…if it could slide into the depths….God can pull it out…

Praise Him!

God bless you for anything you are struggling with. Don’t give up! Hold fast!!! HE IS ABLE!!!!!

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