Surely would appreciate it if….<3

The above was one of the options offered as a possibility for lunch when John picked me up from the airport on Saturday.

Neither John, nor his mom, were born yesterday so we debated giving it a whirl but opted for…

and even in hindsight we can say…we made the better choice.

I wish the internet and technology and maintaining a website were as easy as choosing my food order.

But they are not.

This morning I am late posting because there was a new glitch on my sign in page to post this and it involved red lettering and warnings and I had to sign on to a support site for the company that does the hosting of this little slice of the worldwide web and let me tell ya…

it enhanced my prayer time this morning considerably.

I sat waiting for Daniela the tech person to do some searching and trouble shooting and while the cursor blinked on our chat, I laid hands on this expensive piece of technology that Russ provides for me and I told God what I tell Him a million times a week…

I have no idea what I am doing.

All I know is that I have this thing in my soul…and I say it is a calling because it for sure would be easier on me and probably my family if I just let this whole thing go…

but there are things that stir in my heart and I want to share them with whoever God would send this way…words to encourage and exhort and comfort His people.

And I have to do it through a vehicle that I is so far beyond me….people, when I was in college we were hand punching stacks of cards to run through something I think they called “Snowball” and I had not a clue what I was doing then either.

So here is what I am asking you all to do if you come here on a regular basis.

Every now and again, would you just pray for me to have the ability to understand how to keep this site going?

Would you pray for God to raise up someone who understands technology better than I do to help me with it?

And would you pray for God to continue to just whisper the things He wants YOU to know into my ear so I can just pass along His thoughts to you each day?

That would be awesome.

Thank you …

love you…

over and out <3


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  1. Love you!!
    Remind me how to sign up to donate for Russ’s run for International Justice!

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