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Swat team

We certainly have been enjoying some mild summer temperatures this year! I believe several out there may have vowed to not complain about the heat of summer as we trudged through the freezing snow of last winter, but we have not had to pay up on that very much at all. (Not me. I knew I would complain so I didn’t even attempt to pretend I might be grateful for heat and humidity)

At work, we are able to leave the door open quite often. It’s nice, but has a drawback. The fly population seems to take the open door policy to a new level.

What is it about flies? I do believe they have a higher intelligence than most other animals. For sure they can outsmart me.

Flies have a knack of landing on the least swat friendly surface available. If I have my laptop open on the large flat counter, a fly will buzz around and around…and around…and finally land…. on the very upmost corner of the very top edge of the razor thin screen.

It’s like it knows that I know if I swat it there, I will most likely damage the computer.

If I lay a magazine on the counter to use as a swatter….it lands on the top of the magazine. Mocking me.

And with all the whole entire store to fly around in, it concentrates all of its aviation skills in a 6 inch radius around my face.

Irritating. Frustrating. Pinpoint accuracy at lighting upon my last nerve. And while I tire myself out waving and swatting, the fly just seems to gain energy from the struggle.

But if I put everything away, and sit quietly, with a paper weapon firmly in hand…eventually, the fly lands and …. another one bites the dust.

Irritations and frustration happen all the time – not just from from flies. But like flies, these annoyances seem to know exactly which nerve is about to shatter.

And the more worked up I get about the things that are stealing joy and peace, the more the agitation escalates and evades every effort on my part to not succumb to defeat.

And then it occurs to me…be still…

Be still…quiet….calm….resting….trusting….
and know….
that I AM is God…

What’s bugging you today?
May you find your rest in the Ultimate Fly Swatter of God <3

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