Ta Da!!!!!!

So if I had, like, “followers”….you might remember that I posted this lovely mess….back on January 22nd….in a writing called Lean Me Your Way….

Stay tuned...it may take all year but this mess is going down!
Stay tuned…it may take all year but this mess is going down!

And I had forgotten what motivated me to finally do something about this stockpile of assorted … whateverness….

When I went back to find the original picture, it was about accumulating too much “stuff”….

But what motivated me to finally take action the last few weeks is that I realized we may get to have our middle daughter and her husband stay with us this weekend and I was determined they would have a real room that felt like they were welcome and not just squeezed in!!!


several garbage bags and a recycling bin full and a couple of donation trips….



it is actually organized so I can…


have a place to finish these projects.

Now I have to be completely honest and transparent here…

IMG_2450 IMG_2452

There is still some sorting to be done, but it is organized into categories. Small sets to tackle. This is doable for me!

Before it was one big, intimidating, overwhelming, discouraging, chaotic mess….

But restoring order….IMG_2448


and creating beauty….IMG_2852

and giving meaning….IMG_2851


has ended up being a labor of love.

In those boxes, I came across some real treasures…amidst quite a bit of junk…

It has been a lovely, hard journey this week. But the work has refreshed me! and as I look back at the initial post, I realize…I had to pray every step of the cleanup process!!

And last night as I turned off the light and breathed a sigh of relief, I celebrated God’s great work in me!

Now…on to the next room…..



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  1. I do to. I have a room plus a basement that looks like your picture. Now that Alexa is gone, I have no excuse. I need to pray to ask God for perseverence to get it done! 🙂
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. You too Laura! Life is busy even when our children are gone — you have others you care for and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for those projects! I will pray for you to find little pockets of time and the motivation to use 15 minutes here and there until it is completed =0)

    1. Thanks Laura….I really fight procrastination, but was motivated and it is true…if I pray every step of it, God gives me the strength to keep on going!!!!

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