Technology woes, Shingles prevention and some randoms of the grands…must be Thursday <3


Good morning!

I am over here trying to still master some computer glitches and I don’t want to bore you with the details but I do want to thank you for your patience.

Technology is wonderful when it works and sooooo frustrating when it doesn’t.

We have had a busy week with our kiddos and for fun in the middle of this pandemic, Russ and I went to get our Shingles Vaccine yesterday. Both of us have sore arms and I ended up with shivers last night and all of that is so fun when you know that the symptoms of a reaction are twinsies with Covid symptoms.


So to brighten your day and to get something out there before I move on with my good friends at Apple Care to figure out what is going on with my computer…here are some randoms for you of some of our favorite people.


This photo is a lovely artsy one I took when Graham was a little fellow helping Papi rake leaves. He was here last week and decided to rake while Russ was working in his office.

I told him about this cute picture I had of him throwing leaves up in the air when he was about four years old.

He decided to do a 9 year old reenactment.

Please … look at his face. I about died laughing.

It’s hard to have them growing up and then they do things that are so witty and I realize the fun is just taking on new levels as they grow and mature and come into who they will be <3

Like when I went for my 20 minute run and he scootered next to me chatting away and at one point asking me if I was in my beast mode yet. It’s hard to run when you are laughing so hard.

Then we had this one for an overnight.

He had his morning devotions while I had mine.

I may have loved this so much.

He also wanted to make fire starters from our supplies of lint and toilet paper rolls.

He is industrious to say the least.

This one is lobbying for an overnight next:

And talked me into bringing some of our leftover Baghetti while he waits patiently for his turn.

He is missing the fun of preschool this year and his parents are doing spinning plates as they educate the two older ones whilst keeping the two little ones on track.

I discovered they kind of like arts and crafts…


Sure love this little turkey.

And then there is our girl child.


Who is all about pink and unicorns and bows and bling…but when you have three older brothers….

Your purse sometimes has a little edge to it.


That’s all I have.

I am feeling better as the day wears on so miles to go before I sleep.

Hope you are doing well…

You are loved <3

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