Tender mercies and an early drawing because it’s Friday



Thank you for sharing the journey this week – there have been some stories shared by some of you that have tugged at my heart.

Talking about these things stirs up some memories and some tears and hopefully some remembrances of God’s tender mercies when we go through our most difficult seasons.

Those kindnesses have flowed fresh again this week in some surprise delights.

Yesterday I grabbed the mail out of the box and threw it on the seat next to me as I ran to the grocery.

Before I went in the store, I glanced through and found two letters amongst the various junk that is the normal fare of mail.

One was from a sweet friend and former member of FCC who sent a check to purchase five tickets to donate to someone. In the note she shared that her dad also suffered from Alzheimer and she wanted to contribute to finding a cure for this disease.

Bless you Susie. Your tickets are finding a good home  <3

The second envelope was from my aunt and uncle in Washington state…

I was unprepared to open it and see a check for $20 and a note from my dad’s baby brother telling me to use it to “raffle off two more tickets”….

made out to….Laura Jean…because…that’s all the only name they call me and I love it so much <3

Through tears…sitting there in the Kroger lot…I felt the love of God pouring over me…

and how richly the Lord provides just the right encouragement at just the right time.

So today…

thank you Uncle Theron…

you remind me so much of dad…


I could only hope to be as unpretentious and generous of heart as the Lochner men <3

Thank you to you and your lovely wife…

I did a drawing of names from the week and your tickets are going to

Becky Arndt<3

And the recipient of the two tickets that were in the original gig…go to…drumroll please….

Leslie’s sweet daughter Jacq…Leslie shared so beautifully on Wednesday and touched so many people with her words and photographs <3

Only God…what did I tell you?


Have a blessed weekend.

Thanks for sharing the Journey <3

Please remember you can still purchase tickets to pick up a complete dinner by contacting Carol Smith at 422-1877 OR see her this coming Sunday at First Christian Church!!

This is a great cause – and tickets are only $10. You can pick up your meals any time between 4:30 and 6:30 on November 17th at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. 





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