What they want may not be what they need…

First off…and how could I not say it???


Congratulations to the Cubbies!!!!

Even if we weren’t fans, we just might be now.

And God bless Cleveland as well. It was a great World Series – if you are going to wait 108 years to win won, you may as well do it up right! Good job. 

And now…amidst the celebrations and Cub Fever….today’s blog….

This is a special week here on the Journey…

as it has been on my heart to promote a fundraiser for Alzheimer Association by offering two tickets as a giveaway…


By leaving a comment, sharing the post or subscribing to the email on this site, you will be entered to win.

You can also purchase tickets to pick up a nice lasagna dinner on November 17th by calling Carol Smith at 422-1877.

If you aren’t available that evening you can always buy some and gift a sweet busy family with a yummy dinner!

Because we can all use a break from time to time.


And that’s the point of today’s post…because another thing I learned in that season of being a care-giver was that sometimes what my people needed most of all was not that I fulfill their wants…but that I be rested.

I had to learn that self-care is a priority if I am going to care for others.

As I rushed around, one too many days in a row, trying to figure out how I was going to be all the places everyone needed me to be I reached a point where I hit the wall of complete exhaustion.

I prayed for strength to keep going and felt the Lord whisper to me…why don’t you stop and just rest?


I mentally listed out all the things I needed to do…things that needed to be done for our kids, our home and my elderly family.

And again I felt the impression on my heart…those are all things they “want” you to do for them…

or YOU “want” to do for THEM…

but what they NEED is you, rested.

A rested mom….a rested wife…a rested daughter and niece.

So I laid down that day.

And I slept for an hour or so.

And when I got up, things made more sense…I was more efficient….I could think clearly and lo and behold…some of the things that I thought only I could do for those I love had been taken care of without me.



From that day on, I did my best to make sure I ate right, kept soundly feeding on God’s Word, rested when I could and got exercise when I needed it.

I learned to delegate when multiple responsibilities demanded my presence by determining where the one place was that only I could be.

Sometimes I was the only parent that could attend a game, but a nursing care staff or friends could cover my role as care-giver.

Sometimes Russ could attend the concert, but I was the only daughter who could attend the nursing home Christmas party.

If you are ministering to a loved one during the care-giver stage…

as much as possible…

by all means…


take care of YOU <3


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  1. Is the photo of the meal from Eddleys in Nashville? If so that’s a great place. If not then where?

    1. wow…why yes it is. That is pretty amazing that you would pick up on that. Was hoping no one thought that would be the giveaway dinner…though I wouldn’t complain if it was ;0)

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