On Friday nights and being a light <3


You know Russ and I like to hit up a good football game as many Friday nights as we can.

And when a play off game showed up this weekend right in our own backyard, we threw on an extra layer for warmth and headed out for dinner and the show.

While we were there we ran into some friends we haven’t seen for a while and as you do when you see friends…we caught up on family stuff.

Turns out one of their sons had made a career switch.

You know how it is….

when you are young and have a family….

choices have to be made.


It seems this young man had a good paying job, but he found something better and so he went for it.

Something with less pay.

And more hours.

All because this fellow, who used to be a coach, ran into a former student one day.

And the kid thanked him and told him that if it wasn’t for him, he didn’t know where he would have ended up.

The influence of his coach had turned him around and set him on the right track.

So our friend’s son left his good-paying job and went back to coaching.


In Sunday School this morning, we talked about leaders and their platforms and the influence that popular speakers and authors and pastors can have on the masses…

but every single one of us has a platform to share the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With our words and actions and the example of how we, each one, ┬álive out the transformed life He has purchased for us…

we have opportunities to influence this culture….


one precious life at a time <3

So be bold and courageous.

Do not be discouraged and do not grow weary.

Go on out there into that messy world today, my friend, and shine His Light…

with grace and mercy and love…

as you and I …


journey onward <3


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  1. Just finished Beth Moore Study “Entrusted” ..you and she are on the same page! We are all gifted in different ways to spread the “Good News” of the gospel to others.<3 You are such a gift that I treasure ! Teresa

    1. Oh Thank you Teresa! I am just starting that study!!! FCC women are doing it, but I am teaching a class so was not able to do Weds night. I need to watch the first and second video but have done the first week of work and it is so interesting. I can’t wait to dig in to 2 Timothy <3 Bless you dear one!!

    1. Awww…thank you Debbie <3 We must keep on encouraging each other and all the more as things get crazier out there! Bless you

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