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Tender mercies

My mom passed away 6 years ago yesterday. Russ and I took a few minutes to remember across the breakfast table…to have some tears…and to laugh a little too…cause that’s life here on earth, a mix of sorrows of the soul and the ridiculous quirks of the personality.

She loved holidays and our family well remembers that she was the champion of the Ugly Sweater Contest before 20 somethings ever got the idea there was such a thing. At some point in my life, someone crocheted a green shell for her and it became a part of her Christmas ensemble ever after. (Note: it also got a good workout for St. Patty’s day)

She wore it with a white blouse, red culottes and…yes…Santa socks. I cringe even typing it.

Thanks to a huge collection of earrings that included poinsettias, jingle bells and assorted other Christmas trim; the outfit could be changed up and used indefinitely through the month of December.

Keep in mind that age diminished her 4’11’ frame by a good 5 inches….

She was tenacious in spreading holiday cheer.

No bah-humbug with that little lady…

So I was double blessed yesterday to receive this from Rachel….


Mom’s ceramic tree…still working its magic with the next generation <3

Aren’t we blessed to have known and loved so many?

I pray for you today as you remember loved ones who are passed. I hope that in the tears, you have some joy to make you smile. God bless you, each and every one <3



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