That Proverbs Thing…

Glad you stopped by…I am running late this morning.

No baby yet but each day is one day closer so I have been scurrying around getting all things in order here just in case we get the call.

As a side note, I would not have made a good fireman since waiting for the bell is making me even more scatter-brained and nervous than ever…lucky Russ.

So today seems a good day to kick off that Proverb study we talked about last week… (here is the link)  https://www.laurareimer.net/?p=7578

Last Wednesday I read Proverbs 3. I thought it might be considered cheating if I chose the obvious and well-known passages found in 5 and 6…

My version….Laura, stop depending so much on your ability to understand what and why something is happening, including relying on some sense that you will eventually understand. God understands and that is sufficient and enough. Acknowledge that and He will get you through this the best and most fruitful way possible for you and for those you will bless <3

Yes…I know that one by heart.

So using the steps from the Proverbs challenge (same link above….)

  1. Read a chapter
  2. Select a verse to focus on
  3. Translate it in a way that you can understand (you can use another Bible translation or as Pastor Matt suggests, write in your own words what it means to you) and attach a story or visual image to it
  4. Write it on post-it’s or notecards and put it everywhere so you keep seeing it throughout the day
  5. Learn and live – have your eyes open to see this Scripture you have chosen to memorize lived out in your own life and as you view life going on around you

Step 1:  Read Chapter 3

Step 2:

My verses: 

I landed on verses 25-26

Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the LORD will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught.

Step 3: My translation: 

Don’t walk around worrying about what might happen to trip you up today. Place your confidence in the LORD – Yahweh – GOD of the Heavenly Armies – Jehovah the Great I Am. He is where my strength and confidence rest and He will keep my free from traps and tripping so I can walk confidently today. 

My Picture Story: I thought of how I have this irrational fear of basements and climbing the stairs. Especially open ones, but even closed stairs at night send my pulse rate soaring. I tend to run up them and fight this terror that something is going to grab my ankles. I know. Pathetic, but true.

I also live a lot of my life with the same kind of sense that something bad is about to happen. While I have experienced some bad things, they are so minimal and yet, I fight this kind of dread a lot. And I know that is NOT GOD…so….

Step 4: This is what I wrote on my post-it and got in my head.

Don’t run up the basement steps of your life fearing that something it going to grab your legs – He made the steps, He is the foundation of the steps, He is under the steps and He will keep your feet from tripping on them. Don’t. Be. Afraid.

Step 5: My look and see….Oh God did not disappoint…as later in the day, I opened the back door at work to empty trash and a pigeon was lodged in the top of the dumpster. As I reached out my hand to lift the lid, I was met by two beady bird eyes. If you know me, you know that I also have an irrational fear of birds….while I was startled and a bit thrown off…I had to laugh…because God…He does have a sense of humor. 

And now, every time I open that back door at work, I get the opportunity to exercise and apply this little bit of wisdom…

Hallelujah <3




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