That Sunday Night Elijah thing…


By the time you read this, it will be Monday.

I don’t mind Mondays really. They offer a fresh start. The week lies ahead full of possibilities.


Monday is clean the house, get the calendar scheduled into an action list and get my ducks in a row.

But tonight. When I’m writing this….not so much.


Oh, I love Sunday. I love church and I love teaching and I love worshipping with the Body of Christ in song and offering and study under our pastors teaching.

But it seems after all that intense time, I can feel a bit like Elijah as the sun begins to set. A weary feeling can begin to overtake me and I can relate to the prophet when we find him camped out under a broom tree in 1 Kings 19.

God sends an angel to wake him and feed him, twice. And the angel comments that the journey has been too much for him.

Now I am not a prophet. But all of us get worn down when we are zealous in service to the Lord.

That service might be prayer, tending a family, working a demanding job that exceeds the 9-5 time frame. It might be care of elderly parents or tiny tots. It might be teaching, attending meetings, making music, cooking meals, leading a small group.

But we get tired.


And when we get tired, we need to remember about that 7th day thing. Granted, He rested because His work was completed….

Oh wait…His Work is completed…in fact…It is Finished…

And so, we can R-E-S-T when we are weary. We can trust Him and take Him at His Word.

I know.  You have a million things to do this week and so little time to do it.

But no one needs you worn out. They need you rested.

If you didn’t take the time on Sunday, take some time today.

Put aside the list and pull out the Book.

Feed on His Word. Lean into His goodness.

Rest in His completed work.


God bless you, each and every one <3

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