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When you hope it was “just one of those weeks”….

Thankfully it is Friday…and hopefully the string of events that have threaded  through our home since last Friday are coming to a close….

For instance, yesterday’s post on the First Thanksgiving fiasco….that was prompted by another poultry fail that happened Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I had a couple of meals to prepare and decided to kill two stones with one bird. I bought a whole chicken, made my own poultry rub and snuggled it in the crock pot at 10:00 pm when we headed to bed.

The idea being, I would have a nice roasted chicken to de-bone at 7 am and voila.

I thought it was odd that I didn’t wake to the delicious aroma of roasted bird, but doing a mental inventory, I vividly remembered turning the crock pot specifically to low before I headed upstairs.

Must just not have permeated the upstairs I thought, hopefully. As I descended the stairs, I started to get nervous….should be smelling something savory by now…

And then…I saw it…raw bird in a crock pot set on low… and the cord resting on the recipe box inches from the outlet.

I felt almost barbaric dumping an entire raw chicken carcass in the garbage and whisking it out to the curb. Another thankful…it was pickup day!

I quite possibly muttered something about what kind of loser forgets to plug the crock pot in.

There were other things this week. I could list them and believe me, they all had potential to side line us – but in each and every one, God seemed to bail us out, or minimize the damage, or turn it around for a greater good.

It wasn’t fun. And it wasn’t easy. But even in the midst of “one of those weeks”, we have seen His Faithfulness.

And in the words of kind and loving husband: One thrown away chicken does not a loser make.

I wonder what kind of week you have had. I wonder if events have come at you causing you to become discouraged.

I hope you have had people in your life to speak words of encouragement. I pray I am one of them.

Lift up your head this morning and look to the heavens. Your God is FAITHFUL. He has not abandoned you and whatever He has allowed…it is not meaningless waste.

He will use all things for your good and for His glory. He loves YOU and He is FOR you!

God bless you as you enter the weekend!

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  1. This is great! I’m sorry, but I was laughing as I read this…… You are so funny. 🙂
    I hope you and Russ have a great weekend!

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