The aroma of Christ


I have been going through boxes of my parents’ things the last few weeks. I am finally able to make some hard choices on what to keep and what to pitch.

Ok. In truth, we can’t fit any more of other people’s memorabilia into this house AND make room for new memories so something …. lots of things….HAVE TO GO!!!!

And I can stand firm on that, until I open a small plastic pencil box. The kind kids used in their desks at school before they did away with pencils and gave every student a laptop….

She must have sorted some of her jewelry into it when she lived here in Decatur.

The contents include an assortment of lapel pins, a couple of cheap pearl strands, and a small piece of gold saved in an old film box. Oh, and a pen. Because…well….it IS a pencil box…

They will remain for a while in their plastic home. I clamped the lid shut quickly so the fragrance wouldn’t evaporate completely.

Because it also contains the scent of my mom’s top dresser drawer. The one she kept all her jewelry in. Along with little packets of sachet in yellowing envelopes.

After over a decade since we boxed up her dresser and moved her stuff here, the scent has held in that box. And I am just not ready to part with the last of it.

The contents existed for as many years as I can remember, and soaked in the smells of that drawer.

The aroma is a tangible reminder of her and of my childhood.

Someone who doesn’t know my mom might open that box and sneeze and say it stinks. But to me, it is a fragrant reminder of someone who loved me. It evokes good memories of her and of our home.

God says that we are the aroma of Christ. As we soak in His word and spend time in His company, we absorb His smell.

When we go out into our day – we smell like Him. It smells good to those whose hearts are tender to His call on their lives. We stink like death to others.

The scent is the same. It is a fragrant reminder of His presence in our lives.

Be blessed today. You smell wonderful <3

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    1. And she would be so happy to see it all settled in her oldest granddaughters’ home <3

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