Those stinking high places….

Well, you never know what you are going to get on a given day with this post, do you?

Yesterday it was all fun and games…and it was a fun birthday. When I was young (being up until the mid-40’s), I kind of just announced to everyone it was my birthday, so I pretty much drew the entire atmosphere around me into the celebration. As I approached 50, I toned it down and mostly responded negatively to birthday wishes. But hey! It’s more fun to just embrace it!!!

But today…..I have something I just have to put out there.

I have been working my way through the Old Testament — Judges, the Kings…..and I just have to say…Come on, people….TEAR DOWN THOSE HIGH PLACES….they seem to be a big problem for all of you…..

I mean, seriously, there is a pattern here….good king, bad king…alternating back and forth. An evil king has a son who is a good king who cleans things up, and has a son who does more evil than his evil grandfather.

And good or bad, those high places seem to be a constant shadow hanging over every kingdom.

And then there is Christ, who being in very nature God, did not consider it beneath Himself to set aside His glory and humble Himself – even to death on a Cross.

And finally, in Him, the high places are once and for all torn down.

But the key is….IN HIM….In His humility….In His sacrifice….In His suffering….

And as I sit out here on an unbelievably cool morning in mid-July, with all my heart, I want to  tear down any “high place” that is left in my heart.

So I humbly come before Him, who died for me, and ask Him to show me where on earth and where in heaven am I holding regard for anything above Him.

How about you? Are there any “high places” from your old life you still cherish?

Will you join me at the foot of the Cross of Christ and in His strength, tear the last of those stinking places down?

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done….today <3

God bless you with a teachable heart, a willing heart, a devoted heart …. today <3

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