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The Avengers and Deuteronomy

So Friday I decided to be spontanamous and asked Russ if he wanted to go see a movie. After he picked his jaw up off the floor, he googled the trailers at the nearby cineplex and decided on one that seemed the least likely to produce a tirade from me on the moral decline of America or a zillion questions that he would have absolutely no interest in pursuing.

The Avengers seemed safe.

We got there really early, but only because we didn’t know the 6:30 show was a 3D and, seriously, I don’t even wear real glasses when I need them so I am pretty sure I don’t want to pay an extra $3.50 to don goofy glasses to watch a movie that was plenty over-stimulating in 2 D….

As we watched all the pre-movie junk, I mean informative entertainment news, other people who knew about the 3D/2D stuff started arriving. All ages. One large group of young kids came in with their parents and excitedly headed to the very front row with their parents’ blessings…although there was some concern that the young ones had taken all the popcorn. I think the kids won….about the popcorn….but unless the parents had a good conversation on the way home…then I am afraid the kids may have lost some very precious teachable moments.

I understand that the movie is based on comic book characters. And I am aware that you can’t have superhero’s battling the forces of evil and not have some accompanying violence.

I get that not everyone is bothered by the innuendos and mild profanity that has become common place vernacular on television and social media and really just about everywhere.

But when the heart of the battle starts using the symbols of Christianity and the Holy Trinity in a confusing mix of dialogue that includes a being that “evolved” and, when asked his name says he is “I Am”. Ok …whoa…because it was with great restraint that I didn’t jump up and run down to row one and shout across that group of young ears and eyes “Hey kids! See what they are doing there????”

So I sat in my seat and I prayed that parents KNOW the TRUTH.

And that parents use these kinds of things to TALK about the TRUTH with their kids.

And, yes, we need to be responsible for what our kids are watching and listening to and reading…but in reality, people, there is a lot out there…and you can’t shelter them from it all…and you can’t just throw them into the fire and hope they come through ok…

Parents have got to stay engaged…first and foremost in the WORD…and then in teaching their children!

Don’t stop!!! EVER!!! Know God’s Word and then teach it to your children. Equip them to expose lies by knowing TRUTH <3

Young parents, old parents – we are advocates for our children in a world that is ever eager to lead them away from the God who loves us so….


Place these words on your hearts. Get them deep inside you. Teach them to your children. Talk about them wherever you are…Deuteronomy 11:19 The MSG

*Photo by Rachel Maxwell <3

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