The Paralysis of Analysis….

If you are just joining the fun…I am doing a week of highlights from MAKING ROOM FOR WHAT YOU LOVE by Melissa Michaels (see information at end of post).

So grab a coffee or whatever your beverage of choice is and let’s chat.

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Yesterday I talked about some of the things I want our home to be and all of them sound just delightful…family, friends, entertaining, resting, refreshing, creating….but we have a problem getting there and her name is…


Because I often get in the way of all the hopes and dreams and plans and purposes that are constantly bubbling up inside my heart, mind and spirit.

I start out each  morning spending time with the Lord…pouring out my soulish self and letting Him pour in HIs Spirit…I make a list of things that need to be accomplished…I get up from the table and that’s where the day kind of unravels.

So many books on de-cluttering or home-making deal with ways to be effective.

Melissa’s book dealt with the source of my dysfunction…me.


Having followed Melissa’s blog for quite some time at //theinspiredroom.net/ I have been, quite literally, INSPIRED by her approach to making a house a home.

I have loved her other books.

Her Instagram posts are an oasis of refreshing in the midst of my day.

I still pull up pictures of their adorable dog after it got caught eating their Christmas tree ornaments and show it to friends from time to time….

But I never would have guessed that I would hear in her writing a kindred spirit and to feel so “understood” in my daily struggle to overcome the cycle I have been stuck in for most of my adult life.

I know you are sitting there on the edge of your seats wondering….what is it ??????

And ironically I am having trouble getting the right words out because the problem that I have is….



I can’t make up my mind about something to save my life.

If ever I order quickly off a menu, it is most likely because I googled the menu in advance and stewed over it to spare the other’s around the table….or I gave myself a pep-talk throughout the ride to the restaurant by chanting…”Just pick a salad…just pick a salad….don’t make it so complicated…only look at the S.A.L.A.D.S.”



I KNEW I was indecisive.


this chain of issues.


which is all poised and rooted in…



In Melissa’s beautiful words:

“Perfectionists often struggle with decisions because while they might want the perfect solution, they aren’t sure yet what that solution would be, and they may not have time to think about it just then, so they delay action.” Make Room for What You Love; Melissa Michaels, Harvest House Publishers 2016; Pg. 18 <3


Did I just hear a few of you dear souls sigh with relief?

Isn’t it nice to have someone finally put words to the struggle?

Having the root of my procrastination exposed has been eye-opening in so many areas of my life.

Melissa encourages her readers to apply a positive twist on this cycle by making ONE decision to be more decisive.

Just as the old cycle held me in a state of ineffectiveness, the decision to MAKE A DECISION helps a productive cycle to kick in…one decision opens the door to the next.

Fear of making the wrong decision diminishes as I discover the whole trajectory of planet earth does not depend on my little decisions throughout each day.

What a blessed relief to realize that most of my decisions are just fine…maybe not perfect…but not life-altering or harmful…and hallelujah! Mistakes can be corrected or forgiven…because of grace.

Well…that’s enough to chew on for today…so I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I need to go make some decisions about how to capture these many thoughts into some words for Wednesday…

until then….

God bless you all <3


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  1. Oh my! My high school counselor told my parents I was a perfectionist and my girls have threatened to call the TV show “Hoarders” more than once, but I don’t know if I have a problem or not! I did say that with much sarcasm! I so desperately want a clutter free home, but get overwhelmed because I just don’t know how or where to even start. Guess this book might be for me then! 🙂
    Love reading this blog too! Can relate on so many levels!

    1. I certainly never made the connection until I read this. It helps to identify that, but it’s a daily task to bring it under control! I know the book has been very helpful to me on many levels Cathy! So glad you enjoy reading the blog! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I don’t have to even tell you what my garage looks like today…
    However, it is good to know that it can wait until next…hour, day, week, year?

      1. I particularly like the SMART acronym and will start applying it to my garage today!

  3. Hey there! First time poster, long time reader. Your post describes my life in a nutshell. I too have to google the menu before going to a new restaurant! I’m such a perfectionist and very indecisive. I worry too much about making others happy.

    I guess I’m not as crazy as I thought! Thank you Laura for everything you do!

    1. Andy you made my day! I am so blessed…had no idea you and I were chatting and it blesses me down deep! We just have to press on…growing and stretching and asking God to help us move forward and trust Him to lead us each and every day! God bless you my young friend. You are one of the good guys! <3

    1. And such sweet toes to step on!!! I am so sorry and yet not!
      Believe me…for every toe that ever one of these posts or any teaching I have ever done steps on…mine have been trampled on extensively!!!! I only share what I have had to walk through so we are in good company, Miss Peggy <3

  4. I once walked out of the store not buying any shoes even though both pairs I found were perfectly fine!! I was just afraid of making the wrong choice.

    1. Oh my gosh… I hear you! My husband can run three errands and be back in the time it takes me to decide if I should start cleaning the house or iron some shirts….it helps to know I am not alone <3

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