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The truth and nothing but the truth in journaling….

A few weeks ago a friend of ours stopped me in the lobby at church to ask me about journaling.

That’s not surprising in and of itself because I do get asked about that from time to time, but it is always women and this happened to be a man. 

He has been feeling the nudge to journal more regularly as part of his study and prayer time and his question was a good one. 

He asked me if I stick to vague references about heart issues or if I am gut honest when I journal.

Short answer?

Gut honest. 

I believe that writing out my thoughts, ugly and raw … deep and pondering…working through all of what is crowding out God in my heart, soul and mind…is part of the journaling process. 

It helps me clear away the fluff and often reveals pride or guilt or whatever isn’t of God and makes room for Him to do what He does…

convict, rebuke, comfort, forgive, restore, edify, counsel, speak into this life that He gave me. 

And there is another reason I express myself in journaling with bold transparency. 

There are days I run across an entry and as I read the words I wrote with my own hand, farther down the road of this journey, I sit in humble gratitude for how God took those thoughts the day I wrote them and He held them tenderly and faithfully and because I owned what I was feeling…

He did His thing and I do not feel shame for what I misunderstood about His goodness. 

My honest outpouring was a child crying out to her Abba Father. 

And while I may not get an answer right after I write out my heart and my questions…over time, He worketh <3

I ran across a confession I wrote in the margin of the No Other Gods study today. 

I wrote it in a hard season of deep hurt three years ago. 

In the midst of painful loss and transition, as I cried out to God, He revealed to me things that were buried in me that needed to be dug up and removed. 

Today I read with humble gratitude the exchange I had with Him that day and I can mark the growth that has come three years later. 

Little bits of fruit here and there on a tree that dug her roots into His mercy and grace and took life from His living water as we limped through a rough time. 

Perhaps you are not one who takes up a pen and writes out your thoughts, but it is the only way I know to record mine so that I can remember what God has done for me. 

He is great and awesome and yet so very kind and personal. 

Know Him. 

Monday check in <3

I am having a slow start and a late post but stopping in to say hi is part of my day…so …


Hope you had a great weekend.

We certainly packed in a full agenda of time with family and friends and now I am regrouping and making a plan of attack for the piles and stacks and 935 emails I hope to whittle down this week.

I have a couple of friends who hyperventilate when they see the number highlighted in red next to the email icon on my phone.

They have no idea that buried down there in the first 50 or so of those are from 2012 when Rachel would send me photos of Graham and the only way I had to save them was to email them to myself with plans to download to computer at some point.

I know.

I am not a well person….

As in, when people ask what I would grab if our house was on fire…the thought “everything” comes to mind.

I am not a hoarder but I do tend to have a slightly unhealthy attachment to anything that is associated with a memory of the people I love.

Clothing items, books, stuffed animals…photographs, voicemails, text messages.

I struggle with deleting, pitching, purging because I have an irrational fear that the memory attached to the item will be lost in the process.

I truly believe that is one of the reasons God gave me more than one each of children and grandchildren and has richly blessed me with an abundance of excellent friends.

I can’t possibly hyper manage and hold on to all the memories, details and souvenirs of the love He has poured into my life through people.

I can’t neatly scrapbook a life that seems to continue to fill up and spill over faster than I can organize the memories.

My flesh wants it all laid out where I can touch it, feel it, taste it…rehearse it, go over it in detail…all the moments replayed on a loop….but God just keeps adding fresh good things…tearing out old things…replacing…renewing…restoring…repositioning…and never just repeating the same old stuff He has already done.

He is about doing the new thing.

And I truly can’t receive it with fists clenched tight trying to hold on to the past.

How about you?

Do you struggle with the memories attached to the things?

Or are you one of those incredibles who lives holding lightly the temporal?

Would love to know…leave a comment and I will save it F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Just kidding…but I will save it as long as the internet lasts.

Have a productive Monday and check back tomorrow because I want to share a new thing God has me doing that is really helping me store up a treasure that doesn’t cause clutter and is truly blessing me with eternal fruit <3


Oh the relief…

Last night I attended the monthly Crafts and Coffee event at church…

IMG_2295 - Version 2


now that I think about it, I don’t think they were offering coffee…

ok…sorry…I’m back.

I was a little later, and I mean later than my usual five minutes, so everyone was already busy at work at the small tables in our cafe area when I arrived.

All that activity and creativity was like an adrenaline rush, so I moved around the various groups to admire the different projects and say hi to everyone.

There was a beautiful, three layered shawl emerging from one friend’s circular needles that I may possibly have coveted.

Mint green, rosy pink and magenta all knit into delicate lace ruffles…It was so pretty that I hovered long enough to develop a deep desire to craft one of those babies in the near future.

Then there was the little gal with her bead box open, fashioning her amazing earrings.

Oh that looked fun and I do have a box of beads and the tools to make jewelry, so the seed was planted to drag those out sometime soon as well.


As my head was spinning with all the plans that were crowding in to an already overpacked to do list of incomplete projects, my eyes rested on the leader of our group as she sat at her spinning WHEEL.


The girl spins yarn…out of fiber she has dyed. Herself.

I asked her if she made the dye, and thank goodness for both of us she doesn’t, because I am not sure I could have handled much more amazement.

She sat there feeding what looked like colorful insulation into this brown, wheeled, gizmo…smiling and pedaling with her cute little feet, chatting with me as nimble fingers fed the fluff into the part that turned it into…I don’t know…yarn? thread?

And all of a sudden I realized the blessed peace of relief that I get when people talk about running a marathon.

Because I have absolutely no desire to do any of that, ever.

Not dye fiber.

Not spin fiber.

Not run a marathon.

Not even a half of desire to do a half of a marathon.

(The only thing I remotely might consider is raising alpacas and sheep FOR the fiber, because I am such a magnet for the animal kingdom…that I think I might actually have a knack for shepherding…plus…great blog material potential in ranching, I would think…)

And so I sank into a chair next to her, laughing and we talked about how great it is when you realize you really don’t care if you ever get good at something.

She acknowledged that she had done the same with the concept of improving her cooking repertoire and has peaceful contentment serving the meals she has mastered up to this point, thank you very much.

In this Pinterest driven, FaceBook….15 minutes of fame…so many great ideas, so little time world…isn’t it grand when we can eliminate some things off our list because we know…good on you if you can do it and I will just applaud you with absolutely no envy or sense of competition or drive to learn this skill; because I am happy to be a spectator in your arena!



So what are your interests that draw you like a moth to a flame?

And what are those things that you love to watch in others, but are quite content to never ever feel pressured to learn?

Isn’t it wonderful that we can appreciate each others gifts and interests, whether they are mutual or wildly different?


If you are interested in checking out a little more about my sweet and talented spinning friend, I received permission to share her new website with you….you will find her at ….


God bless you all in whatever you love to do and cheers for those things you feel free to pass on!

See you tomorrow!



And the winner is…and a simple thought to start your Monday <3

Thank you for all of your comments. Truly meant a lot to hear from some surprises and some of you all made me laugh out loud.

We held a very scientific drawing whereby I took all the names I had recorded in a notebook and cut them into strips…

swirled the bowl…

held it up so Russ could reach in and then hand me the Golden Ticket for….

(drum roll please…the excitement is palpitating…..)


TADA!! Congratulations to Suzi Goken!!!!

Your book will be in the mail by the end of the week <3

And now…that simple thought to start your day….

I am halfway through the six weeks post-surgery on my foot. Not that I am counting the hours, I mean days, or anything….(insert that emoji with the severe eye-rolling…)

They removed the stitches and put a smaller cast on last time and the doctor asked me how I was doing.

I said I had only minor discomfort and an occasional twinge of pain, which I assumed was all normal.

He is a man of few words and most are kind of funny…so he said…well…you did have surgery on your foot.

It’s not what he says, it’s the way he says it…and it made me laugh.

But it also made me think.

There is a lot of pain here in our country right now, but there is also a lot of pain around the world.

Not to mention there is pain in our homes and pain in our friends’ homes.

And yes, there is much joy and celebration going on as babies are being born and weddings are happening.

But to push away the uncomfortable and difficult parts of today would be as foolish as ignoring when my foot hurts and pretending like nothing happened to it.

So my thought is simply to say that we are living in painful and difficult REVEALING of some ugly stuff that we have been unaware of.

The hatred and conflict around the world and in our midst is not new news, it is just more openly shared.

As a follower of Christ, now more than ever, I am turning to God’s Word…not to hide…but to be guided in how to love God and live His way in the middle of it all.

I am thankful for several teachings that I have been exposed to this summer that I would like to share that are timely words about being Christ-followers and how to do Kingdom work in a way that offers HOPE to a dying world.     The series on Samuel/It’s Complicated and the last two Sundays called “God Thoughts” have been excellent resources   The series on the book of Daniel has offered great teachings of how Daniel lived gracefully and graciously and faithfully in captivity.

The Living Room Series: No Other Gods by Kelly Minter has been a powerful study that has tied in beautifully with these teachings as it forces me to examine where I have turned to “functional idols” …. things that I have come to rely on instead of God.

Be blessed as you start this week.

Feed yourself on God’s Word so that you can walk in His ways and point others to the only Hope….Jesus Christ <3

And we finish the week….


It’s been a challenging and fun week for me to do this series!

I have loved all of your comments and will be doing the OH-ficial drawing on Sunday…and yes…photos will be taken…so check in on Monday to see who won the book!

If you posted a comment, I do post a reply…so check back to your day of posting for my response.

And now without further ado….the final day of….


Since it’s Friday, I am keeping today’s post short and sweet.

One of the lessons I have learned from reading this book was to identify where my day has an established pattern that keeps me defeated before I ever get myself up and running.


I realized that having a clean table and a few things that are part of my routine set up when I come downstairs could make to start the day off a little more organized…a little more prepared….and a lot more graceful than running around screaming “I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT UP AT 6 AM AND I AM GOING TO BE LATE A.G.A.I.N.”

Thanks to some great suggestions from the book, I also identified the place where these adjustments need to take place.

I MADE A DECISION to do some preparations BEFORE I go to bed to ensure that the morning gives me a fighting chance at this grace-filled life…


I will spare you all the analysis and simply give you the tweaks that I have made to my bedtime routine to set the stage for a successful startup the next day:

<3 Clean off the table and counter and deal with any mail, newspapers, notes, books that have piled up there during the course of the day and PUT THEM WHERE THEY BELONG

<3 Fix the coffee pot and use the timer so it’s already brewing as I am waking up (addiction is an ugly thing, kids)

<3 If I am working the next day, pack my lunch and stick in fridge

<3 Hang an outfit on the bedroom door…and let me tell you, as someone who has always been a “mood” dresser…this one has been a whole new level of spiritual growth for me…

Now…having said all that…I also extend myself grace by not making this a LAW…some nights some or all doesn’t get done, but I certainly am learning that when I do take the few minutes to do these few things, my day goes a whole lot better…and I do respond to positive reinforcement!

Ok…that’s it!

2010 09 04_0564


I would have loved to have done a month study with you over coffee and heard your thoughts as well…but it’s been a fun ride this week!

Have a blessed weekend and I will see you on Monday…and may the best man or woman win! <3


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