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The thing to remember when running one’s race…

I have been attending an exercise class at the ungodly hour of 5:45 AM…I know…on Tuesdays and Thursdays since the start of the year.

Besides the fact that my phone alarm goes off those two mornings about an hour before my internal clock alarm is activated,  I am heading out into public without grooming or coffee.

But I do it for two reasons.

It is good for me and…

by the time I wake up, it’s over.

So…win win.

Our instructor is another plus and keeps a steady pace but also continually encourages and exhorts us.

One of my favorite inspirations from her is a gentle reminder…to not worry about what anyone else is doing. She reminds us that we aren’t competing with anyone except our selves – it’s our race we are running and we want to do our best for what we can do.

In the wee hours of the morning, with a body that has added some weight and creaks and suffered some surgeries and damage the last few years…those words are balm to the soul and the limbs.

She doesn’t know it, but I hear that word of truth throughout the day now.

Because we live in a world where we see waaaaaaay too much of everybody else’s race.

Bombarded with it, we are.

It’s fun i so many ways to be able to connect with all manner of people through social media.

And we certainly have a wealth of ideas available for nutrition, fitness, style, home decor, entertaining, spiritual growth…and on … and on…and on….

But sometimes this over-the-top saturation can leave a body feeling like we are just missing the mark on every single possible level.

Add to it the cross-generation sharing and the empty nester can not only feel like a slouch in real time, but often I am left with regrets for missed mom-opportunities when the little ones were still gracing the halls of our home on a daily basis.

So yes.

I need to remember.

Maybe you do as well.

Don’t look around.

Look up.

Don’t compare yourself to how others are doing it.

Look forward.

Run the race God has marked out for YOU today.

No one else’s.

Any looking at other’s running alongside us should be to cheer them on.

What has God set YOUR hand to do today?

Do it with all your ability…

at your speed…

with your strength…

relying on Him…

and Him alone to finish well <3




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  1. I love this word! Just yesterday I heard it spoken. To add to it, it is an insult to God when we look at others and wish we had their gifts. He has made us each unique, with the gifts that are necessary to accomplish the mission He has designed us for. So like you have shared, we must look to Jesus to be our compass to direct us where to run our race, not at those who are in different positions around us. That is such a comfort, because knowing that every member in the body has a unique and important place within the kingdom helps us bloom right where we are planted. You go girl!

    1. Thank you Susan! What a good addition – to realize what a slap to God that is when we think someone else’s gifts are better or more valuable. That is so contrary to everything He says in His Word about it all coming from HIM!! We end up glorifying OTHERS and GIFTS instead of the GIVER!!! Good point!!! Later in the day I pulled up one of my favorite teacher/author’s blog – Kelly Minter – and she was writing about the same struggle. She shared how she felt that old comparison thing taking over at a conference where she was the last speaker. She gave some great reminders about dealing with the “sin” of it – and it is sin. I think how ironic, because as I was reading what she wrote, I was like..dang…why did I even bother writing mine, this is much better….hello??? I guess I just have to keep learning this lesson over and over until God makes a dent in my thick skull!! haha! Bless you Susan!

  2. Good blog. I am leading music worship at church this Sunday. The sermon is about perseverance. I sent him your blog, though I am pretty sure he has most of his sermon all ready to go by now.
    Go Oregon Ducks…I never thought I would be saying that. Hahaha
    Also, Go Gonzaga Bulldogs. I can’t believe that I didn’t have them going all the way this year…especially when I have always had them in my Final Four bracket every year. Hahaha again.
    It sure would be fun to have a Gonzaga vs. Oregon championship game. The announcers would actually have to know something about the two teams and the rest of the country might actually see that we have sports out here in the northwest. Hahaha for the last time.
    See ya soon!

    1. Thanks Kenny! And what is this Final Four that you speak of?? Because I gave up when Villanova left me stranded holding my lousy bracket in last place…ouch! I always read Gonzaga as Gorgonza so maybe I stand a chance of learning how to pronounce it!! Bless you on Sunday as you lead your church into battle through worship. Honored and blessed you would pass anything I write along to a pastor <3 Go Mariners...Go Seahawks <3

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