Thoughts of you that didn’t go through <3

Hello to you this Monday morning <3

We are making the transition from fall to the Advent season here which means the pumpkins are out in the trash bin and we have a lovely White Pine nestled in the corner of our living room waiting for lights and trim to be added.

Our first official December in this house and the cycle of the year coming to an end.

On Thanksgiving morning, I took time to leave the meal preparations and send out my weekly note to the 107 people who still receive the Thursday morning email that preceded this blogging gig.

I almost didn’t but I knew so many were struggling with different things and I wanted them to know they were being thought about and prayed for.

But apparently the internet and powers of the air decided to circumvent that message and for the next three days I received 107 returned emails each day….which was both annoying and disappointing.

Especially because Friday brought even more heartache to people I love so much and to my own heart and so last night as I was trying to think what to share today, I decided to just share the note that didn’t make it through.

It is always painful and difficult to lose people we love or to suffer loss of health or financial stability, but somehow at the holidays everything is magnified.

The joy of the coming of Emmanuel, God with us, as expressed in all the traditions we have added to this season can make our losses seem even greater.

But it is for this very reason that He came.

We will probably be looking at this more in the coming weeks here on the Journey, but for today…here is the letter I sent that came back to me…321 times <3

Hello to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are busy busy busy…too busy to check your email or your social media.

 But I realize that Thanksgiving, like all of our favorite holidays, can look very different from year to year or even for too many years in a row.

So I want to let you know…you are being thought about today.

This year we have the turkey in the roaster and mashed potatoes in the crock pot…trying that out …not sure it will work but we are not going to go hungry if it doesn’t. (inserting a note on Monday….not something I will probably do again unless I can figure out how to tweak it!!!)

We have a van headed here from up north with some wiggly jiggly boys and one sweet baby girl and we have a car headed up the highway from the south with a precious little driver that we are praying will arrive soon…oh and one large dog…who those wiggly boys look for every time Tia is involved in something.

But we have one face still down in Texas that we are missing this year…and we thank God for the family that invited him to dine with them because nothing harder for a mom than knowing her kiddo is alone on a holiday. 

Russ prayed for our day this morning and he covered not only our crew, but oh so many dear ones who are struggling today. 

Recent losses of family members, nose dives in health that came out of the blue, cancer, job changes …. on and on it goes and as he prayed, we were mindful that in this season of giving thanks, some are doing so with heavy hearts. 

So whatever this day looks like for you, please know you have been prayed for. That in the midst of the food and festivities or sitting beside someone you love in a hospital room…whatever it is…God is faithful. Even when it is hard to see His hand, hold fast. 

Be blessed in all you do today.

I am very thankful for each of you   <3

It is as true this morning.

I am very thankful for each of you who stop by here throughout the week.

I know a few of your faces, am often surprised by others I find out visit…but each of you…God knows and I am lifting your hearts in prayer today to know His very real presence. You are loved <3

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